About Me

My name is Jessica but everyone but my Granny called me Jessi. 

I grew up in a very small town in Ohio. After high school, I went to Ohio University...where I
spent four years of my life that I will never let go of--go Bobcats! 

I now have been out of college for 10 years and have spent 6 in Ohio and 4 in DC! After a
few years of new experiences in DC and NOVA, I have come home. I guess when you leave, that place never really becomes "home." 

Check in with me to see my adventures of crafting, Pinterest and Etsy finds, shenanigans of my puppy Henry Liu, and of course my favorite link ups! 


  1. GIRL!! You're from Ohio?!?! What part? I'm a Cincinnati girl, born and raised!!!

    1. Hey girlie! Yes I am from Ohio! :) I am from Zanesville which is an hour east of Columbus! Where in Cincy?? My bff lives in Over the Rhine! And I have two girlfriends in the burbs! I come to Cincy every other month for a weekend visit!!