Tuesday, February 18, 2014

i. am. a. lucky. girl.

it is not a secret around here that i love country music.  i do not listen to anything but country.  i find myself a tad obsessed when it comes to certain artists and there is nothing i like more than going to a live show.

enter my excitement when my friend, sam, and i decided to go to nashville for a brad paisley concert. i have seen brad many times, but i have never seen anyone famous in nashville.  so my excitement level was already bar none.

however today my excitement goes through the roof.  why? well that is because today cole swindell's debut album hit iTunes and stores. and that is not it.  he also took the wheel of the highway on sirius xm radio.  and that is not it.  AND I WON EXCLUSIVE TICKETS TO A MEET AND GREET AND SIRIUS XM RADIO CONCERT FOR HIS DEUBT ALUMB IN NASHVILLE TENNESSEE IN TWO DAYS!

i cannot tell you how pumped i am.  words cannot describe it.  but i do know that this is what i live for and so that 5 seconds where i stand next to him and smile and cheese it up for the camera will be the best of my life in 2014.

oh and by the way...2014 you are rocking. i like your style.  keep it up!

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