Monday, January 20, 2014

That's My Kind Of Night...

....and I wish I could relive it over and over and over again!

There are two things that I love a lot in this world :: one being country music and two being blogging.  So you can only imagine how excited I was to merge the two together.  Last thursday night I met my blogging bestie Lindsey from Just a Small Town Girl IRL while we sat front row for the opening night of Luke Bryan's That's My Kind Of Night tour.  To say that the night was amazing is seriously an understatement. 

Let's start from the beginning! 

My #ootd was of course consisting of my favorite cowboy boots and some new pieces to my jewelry collection.  Stella and Dot just released their newest collection and I do not think it was online for 24 hours before I placed my order.  Whenever I put the boots on, I just know it is gonna be a good night. and trust me this night did not disappoint.

Jennifer and I drove up to Columbus after work on Friday and met Lindsey at the hotel we were staying in for the night.  We attempted to find some dinner but everywhere we went was packed and getting someone to wait on us was virtually impossible.  We finally gave up and went straight to the concert.  I am a member of Luke's Nut House (VIP fan club) and had to pick up our tickets at will call.  When the lady handed me the tickets, the first thing I looked at was the row's label.  I saw "A" and trust me when I say I know my alphabet.  I immediately turned to the girls and screamed.  We were going to be a hand's distance from LUKE BRYAN!

The rest of the night went by so quickly. seriously I do not know how time sped by so fast.  It was full of pictures, videos, favorite songs, dancing, and moments where I thought, "I cannot believe this is happening!" joining his fan club was the best move and $25 I have ever spent. 

Be prepared for photo overload.  I took over 200 during the concert.  Enjoy and be envious.  Ee are already planning on seeing this tour again in August. so two bloggers have turned into real life friends and it is safe to say LUKE BRYAN stalkers, lol. 

Cole Swindell and Lee Brice opened up for Luke and both were great!

as we waited for Luke!


this is my screensaver on my phone. swwwwwooooooon.

yes his entrance to the stage was on top of this 4x4 that was on fire. 

action shot.

I mean seriously, he is such a good entertainer. So fun and lively.  He owns the stage.  

Drink a Beer.

He should be been a BUCKEYE!
Luke, Cole, and Lee...what a great night. Thank you for going with me Lindsey and Jen! Until next time...shake it for me!


  1. I cannot wait to see him again! Seriously. I'm so glad we decided to do this and finally got to meet IRL. It was the best day. I have been watching videos and looking at photos on the regular ever since!

  2. Love love love. I saw him last summer and am looking forward to trying to see him again this year at some point!