Thursday, January 30, 2014

Illamasqua's Bright Cheeks

Are you sick of make up recommendations by me yet? Haha, I am back and again with products I ordered because of a Jaclyn Hill video!

Illamasque was a brand I had heard of but had never seen in any of the make up stores I shop in.  I actually had to order them from Sephora's online shop.  Seriously these two blushes are amazing.  When you swatch them, it feels like you are running your hand over the softest material ever made.

I love love love love Lover.  The shade looks crazy orange I know but when applied to your face, it gives a beautiful glow that is a tad peachy.  Hussy is a lot brighter when applied and trust me a little goes a long long way here.  I can see Hussy being a summer time favorite once I have some more color to my skin.  Despite their high price tag, I must say these two blushes have quickly replaced my MAC go to blushes on a daily basis.  Another great find fore sure.  Thanks Jaclyn!

Do you have any perfect blush shades that you love! Do tell!

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