Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Lil Family of Cone Christmas Trees

I hope everyone has recovered from Thanksgiving and the turkey comas that I am sure ensued over the last week!  I enjoyed my holiday that is for sure.  My family comes to my house and we just gobble down that turkey and laugh together like we always do.  This year, one family of my cousins came down on Wednesday night so we decided to craft it up!  I had found a couple DIY pins on Pintereest that I wanted to tackle (pin 1 and 2).  The pins lacked directions that were thorough (at least for me) so I kind made it up as I went along!  I went to Hob Lob, bought my supplies, and away we went!

  • Circle Punch (we used 1.25 and 1.34)
  • Scrapbook papers (you need a lot!  we used five patterns and two glittery shades!)
  • Styrofoam cones (we bought 6 and had 2 at the house already)                                             *note to shoppers, these puppies are pricey for what they are. so I suggest watching your local craft stores for a styrofoam sale, so using coupons!
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon (of your choice! I found cute (to die for) burlap ribbon with ruffles and rhinestones!)
  • Twine

Scrapbook Covered Cone Tree
Step 1: 
Cut your circles ladies! This takes a long time.  And believe it or not, my hand hurt the next day.  Why? Well I guess a circle punch makes you use a muscle I don't usually use? IDK it was odd, but I bet I cut circles for well over an hour!

 Step 2:
Decide if you want a pattern or if you want to be random.  I suggest go random, because as you see below I went with a pattern and let me just tell you. I stuck with the pattern for two rows of my cone.  It began to be hard to see where I was in the patter and further more, I just got tired of laying it out in the right order.  lol
 Step 3:
Start gluing.  You just fold the top half of your circle, place a bit of glue on the fold and press it against the styrofoam.  I also suggest doing the first layer flat so the entire bottom is covered.  As you work your way up the cone, you may want to change angles.  I did this so you would not be able to see the styrofoam underneath the circle's too often.  This important step will take time and patience as you have to pay attention to not be repetitive with patterns and such.

Step 4:
The top.  This was tricky.  So tricky that we debated ways to top off the tree for a rather long time.  As you can see both of my scrapbook circle cone trees are topped differently.  I cannot give directions for either one as my brother made the top of one and I just kept pressing glue with circles for the second.  If you come up with a good way to top them off, do tell!

 Ribbon Covered Cone Tree
 Step 1:
Cut your ribbon to fit from the bottom to the top of your cone.  I recommend placing enough of the ribbon at the bottom that it forms a tree skirt if you will.  Ruffled ribbon (like mine) would work best for this.

Step 2:
Wrap the cone with your ribbon and secure it with either hot glue along the way or straight pins.  I used straight pins.

Twine Wrapped Cone Tree

Step 1:
Begin at the bottom of the cone, wrapping the twine around the cone--stopping to glue a few times with each rotation.  Follow my directions from this post if you need further instructions.  This one will take some time, just be patient and watch that you do not burn your fingers!  Mine were sore after making two of these!  

So there you have it.  My little family of cone Christmas trees.  I hope you try out this DIY and if you do, please share pictures with me!  Merry Christmastime!

I am back to work after having six glorious, fast days off.  The countdown for Christmas break and my holiday Vegas vacation is on: 18 days! :)

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