Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Influenster's #RoseVoxBox

Hey friends!  Are any of you Influensters?  I know when I first learned about the site, I was clueless.  I kept seeing posts on Insta and Twitter about a so called #voxbox and being an #influenster.  So I asked around to some of my dearest bloggy friends and found out it is actually a really cool, fun, free program!

You cannot pass up cool items that you can have fun with while it not costing you a dime! Right?

So when you join Influenster you have to take A LOT of surveys and review products but as time passes you will earn what is called a VoxBox.  This is when a pretty box shows up on your porch full of goodies for you to try and hopefully fall in love with.

The Good
I recently received the #RoseVoxBox and as always it had some goodies inside for me!  Let's take a look shall we!

The first item is Rimmel London's Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara in black. I have never used Rimmel London's mascaras before and to be quite honest, mascara is a make up product that I struggle to find one that I love.  I will say when I first opened the package, I was taken back by the wand. IT IS HUGE.  But it turns out I like the size of the wand.  The formula is not too wet and not too dry, which i a good mixture for me.  I did not have a problem with it clumping up on me either.  I found it to do exactly what the package said: "plump and fan out" my lashes!  I have added this tool into my daily routine.  It retails for $5.99 too!

The second item is Kiss's graduation polish in 58085 MGE01.  I would call the color Starry Night if I named nail polishes for a living, but I digress.  This product has an interesting concept behind it. You paint in the order of the bottles' numbers (1-2-3) and with each layer you only paint a certain amount of your nail.  As you end the product you should be left with a gradient nail with some sparkle on the tip.  The formula of the polishes are a little thin so multiple layers were necessary.  I found it a little difficult to apply for two reasons a) my nails are short.  I hate having long nails so deciding where the gradient cut offs should be was a little hard. b) painting my right hand was B.A.D.  I did like the look on the nails that I did a good job with though.  I am not giving up on this product.  I am going to give it another whirl to see what I can do with my second go around.  This is sold at Walgreen's for $6.99.

The I'll Make Em Work
The third item is Dr. Scholl's For Her Cozy Cushions which retail for $12.49.  These are funky little cushions because they are like the inside of a pair of UGG boots.  I really like them and if my feet weren't so wide, I would have said these were GREAT.  But my feet are a tad fat if you will.  So when I put them in my riding boots, they made the boots too tight so I couldn't wear them for comfort.  However, I did have another genius idea.  I love my Hunter wellies and why not add some more comfort to an otherwise complete rubber boot!  These are supposed to add cushion while keeping your feet dry--so hey I had a good idea.  I have them inside my Huntress wellies and next time it rains, I will be good to go!

The Not So Me

I am not reviewing these two food items negatively due to their taste.  I did not taste them, I will be honest.  I do not try new things.  So if it is not something in my tastebud approval account already, then sorry it isn't happy.  Yes I am aware, I am missing out on a bunch of the world, but that is who I am.  So I will tell you about these two items but I cannot review them.

First up is the Lindt Lindor Mile Chocolate Truffle.  The package says it is smooth, melting, and luscious.  They turned me away when I read that when you break away the shell the filling starts to ooze out.  Seriously it makes me gag.  I do not like solid chocolate.  I do not like surprises.  I know I am weird, but a chocolate filled with surprise goo…not thanks.  I will be putting this treat in a basket for someone to enjoy over the holidays.  a 5.1 ounce bag will cost $3.99.

Lastly the BelVita crunchy Breakfast Biscuit is an energy source type bar with fiber and B-vitamins.  Again nothing against the bar, but just not my style.  I will put this in the basket with the chocolate goo.  You can get a box of 5 packets of 4 biscuits for $3.69.  

So that is my Rose VoxBox.  If you liked what you saw, I suggest you go to Influenster and get started.  A lot is awaiting for you!  

*These are all my own opinions.  I was paid or compensated for this post in any way.

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