Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Christmas Card Holder & Display

Every year I plaster the front and sides of our refrigerator with Christmas and holiday cards from family and friends.  But this year, I knew I needed to make something to display them because we got a brand new stainless steel fridge and I didn't want to plaster it up!

So as always I headed to Hobby Lobby to scoop up some supplies for a quick DIY craft that wouldn't take a ton of time.  So I didn't make everything from scratch, but I did use my handy dandy glue gun!

Step 1: You will need ribbon. I already had these three left over from a wreath I made last year so I decided to recycle them!

Step 2: Buy something to be the "base" of your display.  I got a cute green and red board (which I was a bad blogger and didn't take a before picture of).  You will then use your hot glue gun to adhere the strips of ribbon.  I used three strips--you could use as many as you would like.

Step 3: add some decoration.  I thought about painting the front of my base to show our last name, but I knew I wanted this to be quick quick.  So as I walked around Hob Lob I found this iron on Santa.  He is so cute, I just decided to glue him to my base.

Step 4: You need some clips.  My original plan was to just get baby close pins but once I saw these blinged out ones I was smitten.

Step 5: Attach your clips to the ribbons like so…

Step 6: You may not want your ribbons flying around.  To weight them down, I came up with a quick solution.  I folded up the sides of the bottom of the ribbon, but left an open slit.  

Then I slid two small round magnets into the slit and that added some weight to my ribbons.

 Step 7: Display your loved ones' cards…

That's it!  How do you display your Christmas cards?


  1. I need to make one of these! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love this! I have been looking for a tutorial on this too! I need to do it asap!