Monday, November 18, 2013

Selfie Saturday

and the rest of my weekend… 

Friday night was spent at the football field again!  I did get a new hoodie to wear to support the school, and it was glittery which is a bonus.

Saturday morning I woke up with a massive headache which lead me to be lazy and to spend too much time on Pinterest and with my DVR.  I was really pleased with Grey's Anatomy this week and OMG was Scandal ah-mazing or what? Woah! Once noon rolled around I got moving to get ready for my friend from OU's wedding in Canton.  I love these events because we all get to come together, put on our dancing shoes (or lose our shoes because our feet hurt) and live like it is 2003 all over again!  

Kate, Lori, Emily
Meredith, Kristen, Me

Meredith sent us this picture of us this morning.  This is from Renee's wedding circa 2005 (I think).  We were all a little more tan and little more "fresh" as Kate called it.  While a few of us were not present last night, we still had a great time! Happy wedding Kalli & Doug! :)

My wedding dates :)

Another stop to Target burned a hole in my wallet. I picked up some super cute things like this metallic gold polka dot scarf.  It is sheer, it is light weight, and it is beautiful.  This time last year I got on a kick of the Kate Spade gold polka dotted stuff and that kick has come back again this year.  There is just something about gold, metallic, dots…they just pull me in!

I also grabbed this necklace.  I thought it would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Vegas and of course any other time I want to have a little extra sparkle.  :)
I also picked up some Christmas decor to get me rolling with getting this house in the holiday spirit!  I put a few of the decorations and decided to not get the tree out yet.  I think I will save it for next weekend.  It is such a long job and I kinda felt like being lazy after traveling for the wedding.  
Sami's Shenanigans
Happy release of Catching Fire week! Is anyone else pumped to see it? It was my favorite book of the series so I know I cannot wait! Happy Monday!


  1. Fun weekend! Glittery sweatshirts are the best ones :)

    I can't wait for Catching Fire! I'm so excited for it! It is my favorite book too! I'm not amped they are splitting the next book into two though! I just don't know how they are going to do that well! But whatever don't need to think about that yet. I already have plans to go and see it on Sunday evening :)

  2. You can never go to Target for just one thing! Haha, I always end up spending too much when I go there. Looks like you had such a fun weekend! I'm a new follower ! xoxo

    Showered With Design

  3. Target had some AMAZING Christmas stuff in the Dollar Spot. Check it out!