Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Keep Swimming & My Weekend

Happy Veteran's Day everyone! Today remember to be thankful and appreciate what the past and present Vets do for us!  I wanna share my weekend with you as I had a great one! What did I get into?
 On Friday night, my cousins came to town to go to a football game.  The school district I work for has advanced into the playoffs so we attended game one.  It was a whopping 29 degrees so to say we were frozen is an understatement.  We bundled up like we were skiing and enjoyed some Friday Night Lights, popcorn, and a ring pop!  The team won too--so off to game two next weekend!

 I spent some QT cuddling with Henry on Saturday morning. Since my schedule had been a little hectic lately, I needed some down time with my DVR and fur friend. It was nice!

 Saturday afternoon I drove down to Cincinnati to see Chris.  We went to lunch and to Ikea (my fave!) during the day and spent our evening in The Banks area of Cincy.  We went to dinner and that was my view while eating.  It was perfect to watch the lights and just see the buildings there while enjoying a fancy grilled cheese! :)

 Sunday morning I crawled off the couch and over to Holtman's donut shop in Over the Rhine.  After a lot of thought I went with the Vanilla peanut donut and the fudge cake donut.  I was only able to eat half of the peanut one before I was full but you can bet your bottom dollar that I saved the rest for later! My brother actually just ate the fudge one and texted me from work to inquire about where to get the tasty things!

Sunday we spent the afternoon at the Newport Aquarium exploring all of the life under the sea.  It was a cool aquarium where we got the chance to see some pretty cool creatures.
Pretty, shiny, blowy fish.

Hello there.
So scary yet so cool.
I touched a Sting Ray.
These sharks were too cool and we got to hear a presentation from the divers while they were under water!

This was our little new friend :)
Happy Feet.

Henry and his souvenir from the aquarium.
So that was my weekend, minus a stop at J Crew Factory where I picked up the cutest skirt.  Stay tuned to see how I style it this weekend on my instagram!  Hope you had a great weekend too!

Oh--PS Pearls and Pastries is having a $5 print sale--I have talked about Lauren's shop a gazillion times.  That is 50% off. Hop over and make an order, you won't regret it.  I ordered six new ones for a new project I am cooking up!

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  1. I am so jealous of this weekend! Sounds like a complete blast and you look amazing in all of your pics!

  2. sounds like a GREAT Weekend!! jcrew factory, i need one of those near my house. it might be dangerous though...! the aquarium looks awesome too! a few follower via bloglovin' :)