Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm on a hunt...the Aztec kind.

Ok, ladies. Let's talk fashion today.  Specifically let's talk leggings and fashion.  I love a nice, casual Saturday or Sunday comfy outfit consisting of leggings, a long sweater, and comfy boots.  But gone are the days of just black or grey leggings for me.  Why? Because I want them to be loud. And by loud, I mean Aztec patterned loud.

My hunt began with Pinterest of course.  This pin to be exact.
When I saw these, I thought they were out there. But I loved them.  Plus I have fringe boots so I thought I should have them.  They are from Style Lately.

I still haven't ordered them because I have found others that I think are cuter.  However they are elusive, because I cannot find them anywhere.  Next pin I found.

So now, I feel like these cute little leggings are everywhere I look.  But seriously I cannot find them.  I found an online boutique (Decadence Boutique) that has TONS of cute patterns on their site, but NONE in stock. :( This pair is my favorite and oh how I wish they were in stock.
Source: Decadence Boutique

So I am asking anyone who reads this...have you see these kinds of cute Aztec-y patterned leggings.  I would love to get a pair or two.  Help a sister out if you can! :)

Happy Friday all! Oh and happy belated Halloween from me and my lil Ele-dog Henry!

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  1. Those leggings are super cute! I can't wait to see what sort of outfit you put together!