Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Favorites & TGIF!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that the weekend is finally upon us and that for me it is a long weekend.  I have had a rough schedule for two straight weeks.  Between sporting events to attend, parent-teacher conferences, late evening meetings, etc. I have been just ready for the weekend before the week started. LOL So today I am sharing with you some recent favorites and celebrating Friday! Can I get a TGIF?

I know I have talked a million times about KiKi LaRue but I have to continue to do so…this week I brought out the Lenore scarf that I got last year in mustard yellow. I paired it with a pike top that is army green and riding boots.  I just loved the look and can appreciate that I was so comfortable.  Of course my arm party consisted on Alex and Ani! :)

Your surroundings are what you make of it, right?  That is exactly why we donned these super cute bird sweaters at work on Thursday.  We were triplets.  It was not an accident.  Yes, we planned it and we loved it.  And I may say that we looked cute too!  Some people may think we were silly for dressing alike on a random Thursday, but if you do, you need to make your surroundings more enjoyable like we did! Like the sweater, get it here! Melissa and Traci, I look forward to matching with you more often!

I am ready for Christmas, yes I am.  No my tree isn't up yet. But that little sequined hanger ornament that you see in that tree…oh yeah, I ordered two today and I cannot wait to hang them on my tree.  I do not think it is acceptable to put up my tree before Veteran's Day, but when this little package comes in the mail…I just may start decorating!  I got this cutie from Pearls and Pastries…check out Lauren's shop.  Seriously so cute! I have hangers, prints, and I just ordered one of the gold polka dot dishes!

Oh and speaking of shopping I got a new Alex and Ani charm bracelet this week too.  I know, I know I am an addict…but you can't wave a $5 off coupon in front of my face and me not take advantage.
Well this weekend I hope to get caught up on some relaxation while taking in some Friday Night Football with my family, traveling to Cincinnati to see my friend, and maybe a lil shopping at Ikea.  What are you doing this weekend? Have a good one…and Happy Veteran's Day!


  1. Reading your blog posts makes me so happy!!! Can't wait to see you next weekend:) XOXO
    PS- can we figure out how to get you paid for this?!?!