Friday, November 22, 2013

Dear Friday…I Heart You!

Dear Friday…

Happy Friday everyone! Can I get a whoop whoop for the weekend finally being here? I think this week dragged for me because I am SO close to Thanksgiving break! I get 6 glorious days off from work so I am definitely anxious to see my family and eat some turkey!

Dear chalkboard prints,

I recently shared with you my love for this chalkboard prints that are all over the place on Pinterest.  Like this pin here.

Well I decided I was going to do some research so I could learn how to do it myself …and I have!  I have been busy making some and I finished one and framed it in the living room.  It looks so darn cute (if I may toot my own horn) that I wanted to share it with anyone who stops in here to read my blog.  Download it from this document below and it will print 8x10.  I just trimmed it up on the sides to get rid of the excess and framed it in a cutie-patootie wooden frame, placed it next to a candle, a sparkly reindeer, and a lamp!

Dear chalkboard banner,

Speaking of chalk I have been on an obsession trying to find a cute chalkboard to put in the kitchen and write on.  I haven't found the right one yet, but my search is not yet over either.  Have you seen one somewhere? If so, please share with me! I did however snag this chalkboard banner.  I hung it up on my fake fireplace and for now the word snow is displayed.  I will be changing it up as the creative juices decide on a new word.  Do you have any four letter word suggests? Oh, stop it.  Appropriate and holiday related please. ;)

Dear Catching Fire,

I really hope you are all that I want you to be.  I absolutely cannot wait to see it in the theater.  I have read US Weekly's special edition, which got me all pumped up and stuff to see the costumes, the make up, and the ARENA!  I am waiting until Sunday to see it, but I seriously am on pins and needles!

Well that is it today… I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and enjoy your relaxation time!  Link up with Lauren for H54F too!

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  1. I love chalkboard prints too!! I would love if you would come linkup with me today!

  2. We saw Catching Fire on opening night! And the "Baby, it's Cold Outside" print is so cute--I love that song!