Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How I Know I am getting OLD...

I don't know about you, but the older I get, the more adult--like I become.  I know that sounds like life...and I get that.  But I mean it is more than responsibility and such.  Things that would have been a part of my life 10 years ago now ANNOY me to the very end of my being.
Case in point.  Monday night I went to the Ohio State Fair to see a country music concert.  Who was playing you may ask? The Mr. Justin Moore...swoon.  His voice is one that I do not get tired of--he is one of the rare performers that I can put on shuffle for a long car ride and never skip a song.  Plus he has that deep side of his voice that could seriously sing me to sleep.  Anyways, obsession aside this was my fourth time to see Justin on stage.  A few years back he toured with Darius Rucker and Brad Paisley and I barely knew who he was.  Correction. I did not know who he was--however when he sang Small Town USA I recognized it.  That is where my love affair begin.  Since then I have seen him headline his own tour and open up for Mr. Blake Shelton in LAS VEGAS! Whoop.  So going into Monday night I was excited to see him on stage again and to be headlining because he is one of those real singers whot do not flood their shows with talking and crap. He sings. For two hours he sings. Beautiful.
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Now in my defense I had not been to a state fair concert since I was in 3rd grade when I waited outside all day long with my mom, brother, and cousin to see the fabulous boy band better known as NKOTB. Haha.  So I wasn't too sure what the venue would be like so many years later.

One reason I know that I am getting old is....I believe concert venues should not be sold in sections by number (example 112, 113, 114, etc.).  They should be sold in sections determined upon the type of person who is attending said event.  Examples: a) I am actually here for the music, b) I am young, dumb, annoying and do not care if I get kicked out, c) I am here to slow dance with my lover and make out incessantly during slow songs, d) I am in 4H and thought a concert would be fun, e) I am at a concert? I came for the drinks, f) We are family, I got all my sisters with me, g) Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties, h) I am probably going to jail later, i) I love a good show, and j) I am obsessed with this artist and want to touch their hand.  

Those categories would make life so much easier, right? I mean me, I was there for the music, I love Justin Moore, I love country music, and I went to have a good night with my friend Jen.  I did not go to sit behind girls who were not of the legal drinking age that hit up the local parking lot for HOURS before coming into the arena.  I did not come to stand beside and behind, and in front of love birds who again are not of the legal age as they slow dance and make out.  I also did not come to be behind a family of three where the dad was so annoyed with previously mentioned girl group that you could smell his anger.  I went for the music.  I went to appreciate my favorite genre, put my boots on, and have a good night.

So if you work for a ticket distributor maybe you should take my advice.  Start selling tickets for the types of people who come.  Until not be mistaken, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert.  I had to rise above my age and throw my arms up in order to belt every song Justin sang--including his FORTY FIVE MINUTE encore---without his band, just him and his guitar. Again I swoon.

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  1. HAHA I love how you grouped them. I am the girl who drinks way to much...went there for the artist but then was like yep, maybe drinking this is a good idea and then annoys the other concert goers!

    Justin Moore is amazing though!

  2. Yeaaaaah. Concerts always make me feel old nowadays for these very reasons! I used to be the "drink too much AND like the band" which meant I'd obnoxiously sing along to the music. Now I am way more reserved...

  3. I love how you broke down the sections! I can't stand going to a concert when the people around me are completely wasted, making out, etc. I am headed to the Daughtry/3 Doors Down concert this weekend. Crossing my fingers I am surrounded by music fans that are there for a good show...period. :)

  4. I completely agree 100%. Where is our petition?

  5. Haha I completely agree with you on the section breakdown, so true!