Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ardell False Eyelash Look Book

I know it has been about a month since my last post--what can I say? Summer has been a tad busy for me.  I have gone on two vacations (Vegas and Emerald Isle, NC--recaps to come!).  I also have been reading books, laying in the pool, and hanging out with my girlfriends!  I am even going to Nashville this Friday! Whoop whoop!

But anyways, a while back I got to talking to my bff Jennifer from high school, who just happens to also be my hair stylist.  We are Pinterest fanatics.  Whenever we see each other we are showing each other new Pins we have found and want to try, create, or find!  One thing we both had noticed that was lacking in the Pinterest world was a Pin dedicated to what different eyelashes actually look like on the eye--not just in the package.  I just started getting into wearing eyelashes for special occasions or outings and she uses them on brides a lot when doing their bridal make up.  However, shopping for eyelashes is a hard business! You may look at the package and think those are beautiful, but once you spend 30 minutes trying to get them on your eyes you learn that they are not the right shape, length, or look for you!  So we decided to create what we have been looking for on the world wide Pinterest web!  Without further adieu I bring you the Ardell False Eyelash Look Book...round 1!

This is my eye without false lashes.  I would say my lashes are pretty average--with the right mascara I can build them up to look present.  They are pretty straight and lack a good curl without a lot of mascara.  I also do not care to wear a ton of mascara so most of the time they look pretty non-existent.  

The first time I wore false lashes I felt like you could see my eye makeup in better definition and I seriously got a ton of compliments.  The compliments were not like "Oh you have pretty lashes!"They were more about my eyes or my makeup but the lashes definitely brought them out.  I watched a ton of YouTube videos to learn how to apply them and to be honest I am not very good at it at all.  However for events like weddings and vacations (I seriously wore a pair every night in Vegas!) I do like to wear a pair to bring some focus to my eyes.

The 102 Demi lashes are definitely a more cool pair of lashes.  I like that they are more separated than other pairs.  It adds a little drama to the look.  Because of the separation I feel like they are more pointy than the others.  I could see myself wearing these to a show (musical, play, concert) or even a fun girls night out.  They felt natural on my eye and not heavy at all.  Out of the 6 pairs we are showcasing     today, this would be my second favorite pair!
The 101 Demi was the pair that I was most excited to try.  They just look glamorous in the package.  They are thick and basically have a perfect bend/curl.  They are the thickest I have ever tried on my lashes.  I have to admit that I was a little disappointed once they were on.  It was not like I didn't like them, but I just thought based on their look in the package that they were going to WOW me.  I think they add a symmetrical look to my eye which I do like.  They almost look well rounded if that makes sense.  They were not the lightest lashes I have worn, yet they weren't the heaviest either.  I wouldn't say they are my favorite pair of lashes, but I will definitely wear them on occasion--behind my new favorite lashes (see below)!
Oh Wispies, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!  Hands down they are my favorite pair of the 6 I am showing you in this post.  In the package I thought they looked way too big for my eye.  It wasn't even a pair that I was excited for.  But then, like magic once they were on my eye.  I kept changing the angle of my face as I stared at my reflection in the mirror.  I wish my natural lashes looked like that.   Their weight is great too! I couldn't feel them on my eye!  I have already bought two new pairs for my upcoming girls trip.  Moral of these lashes: don't let the size in the package shy you away.  I thought the same thing and turns out I am a Wispies kinda gal!
This pair, with a delicate name like Babies,  I expected them to be even less noticeable because of the name.  However, they certainly add a certain flare to my lashes and look very natural.  If I would wear a pair daily, I think this pair would do the trick. The babies were very light which is nice because if a pair of lashes is too heavy it can drive you nuts! If your eye is small (like mine) this pair of lashes would be a great choice for you! 
Jennifer and I felt like the 105 eyelashes were very "Kim Kardashian" on me.  They definitely make my eyes pop and stand out.  However they are big lashes.  I think Halloween would be the only time I would wear these ones.  They tickled my eye lid so either they were too big for my eye or they just are big girl lashes, lol.  They were also pretty heavy on my eye--I could definitely feel them every time I blinked.  You can trim the lashes down to fit your eye shape so I could do that too.  If you are looking for your eyes to be the central focus of your look or you have a exciting event planned, try the 105 lashes out!
Individual lashes are an interesting concept.  You get to be the creator if you will.  For this look, Jen used three long lashes and three medium lashes.  They were the most comfortable as I couldn't even feel them on my eye at all.  That was the nice touch about them.  However, I didn't care for the look we achieved with them.  At this point I think I would rather wear a whole strip instead.  However, if you had semi-thick or thicker lashes I could see how these would be cool to just add some dimension to your eye.  
I also wanted to show you a pair of lashes on one eye with the other eye untouched.  The left eye has one coat of thin mascara while the right eye is wearing the Wispies (my fav!!!).  Can't you see how they just change the appearance of my is love between the lashes and I for sure!  

If you have any other requests on certain eyelashes, brands, numbers, etc. please leave us a comment.  We had such a good time making this first round, we would LOVE to do another one.  Plus, the more looks that are out there, have to be even MORE helpful, right? We think so! Most importantly, get to PINNING us so we can help girls out there who are looking for this exact pin! :)


  1. Wow! Jess and Jen...I am imressed! So helpful on such a beautiful eye :) Keep up the bloggy blogs....very professional partnership!
    Yes the wispies on you.

  2. I've tried false eyelashes once and it was an horrific experience. One, I don't think I chose the right kind. Two, I don't think I applied them correctly. Three, I think they were too heavy. Either way, it was a mess! But, I freaking LOVE those wispies. My bday is I need to attempt this for my big night out? I think I need to find someone with experience to help me. Ahhh!!!