Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Swimsuit Picks 2013

I do not know about you...but one of my favorite things about summertime is going to the pool or beach. SInce I have the summer off from work, I take advantage of this fully!  I have two vacations coming up: one to Vegas and one to North Carolina so I have been doing a little bit of swimsuit shopping.  It is addicting and now that I have a pool too...I feel like more are needed.  Of course I attempt to shop like Bargain Betty so Target, JC Penny, and VS is where I tend to find the best deals.
So here are some of the suits that have caught my eye so far this season!

I found this suit at Target and on sale around Memorial Day!  I thought it was perfect for a patriot BBQ or picnic!  Of course, it was rainy on Memorial Day here in my area, so now it can be my July 4th suit! It is so cute with the red, white, and blue color coordination but the ruffle adds more of a girly look instead of just stars and stripes!  

This is one of my favorite one piece suits.  It is made by Spanx and I got it on eBay. I love one shoulder looks and this suit is so flattering.  First of all, it is made by Spanx, but it is not uncomfortable.  and of course the flawy material of the ruffle on the shoulder is so delicate and girly! This is definitely one of my favorites to wear!

How cute is this style?? I love how it literally looks like a bandana--not just in print but it is flawy fabric style.  This was a great find at JC Penny over Memorial Day weekend sales.  I got each piece for less than $10!! If you are busty, this is a nice style because the flawy part hides that part of your body, which I enjoy!  Cute find and great deal and sure to be in my summer rotation!

My cousin got this tankini from JCP as well!  How cute is the pattern? I say that too much, but I really think it is.  The basic color is a muted grey which makes the floral neons POP!  The strap is removable to avoid those unwanted tan lines.  I just love this suit and during the MD sales it was also less than $10 a piece!

I also love to mix and match swim suit tops and bottoms that really do not "go" together when you buy them but they have something in color...color patterns, color families, etc.  So VS is a fun place to order suits like that so I will show you three prints that you can wear with one top!
I love this multi-color neon/pastel stripe pattern!  You could order the top, bottoms, or both! 
This fun and bright coral blossom color can be mixed with the stripe too!
Then as a third option the white metallic paisley can also be thrown into the mix.  Like I said I love mixing them up!

What cute suits have you found this summer? Where do you like to shop for swimsuits? Check back in next week for my summer shoe/sandal picks! :) Happy Weekend!

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  1. I need to get new swimsuits. When moving my clothes around I realized I have like 15 suits but only wear about 4 of them. Some of my tops no longer fit so I need to hit up Target and VS soon for sure! I love to mix and match VS suits too!