Monday, May 13, 2013

My lil trip to Florida

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you already know that last weekend I traveled to Destin, Florida for a DESTINation wedding (get it ;) ).  We truly had the best time celebrating the marriage of Leslie and Travis and of course seeing the beach!I thought I would do a photo dump so you can all see what I saw and if you live in Ohio like jealous for just a minute! :)

 I hate packing...for anything. Whether it is a day trip, my bag for work, or a vacation. But these little note pads did help me stay organized.  I found them int he dollar bins of Target.

 I had a connecting flight and I found a Jamba Juice in the airport in Charlotte.  I was pumped to say the least and made my lay over go so much faster! :)

When I got to the resort (Emerald Grande) it was midnight and raining so I was definitely happy when I woke up to see my view for the next four mornings.  It was stunning and even better when the sun came out to play.  I will share that picture later.  The resort was AMAZING.  I took pictures of our condo but seriously my iPhone did not do it justice, so I will link the resort and if you go to Destin I recommend this place for sure.

 We were getting ready to go explore the Boardwalk before the wedding.  This is me on our balcony.  The resort was connected to everything you could need: restaurants, bars, shops, shuttles, boat excursions, the beach, you name it! It was definitely cool!

 Our first stop was a place called AJ's which is known for their oysters.  I do not eat seafood or anything that looks like slime taken from a baby's nose so I stuck to the most generic diet for the week that I could.  Usually at every place we went there were 1 or 2 items on the menu that I liked, lol.  This little coconut man was my only souvenir that I bought (well we all bought them after pressuring Chris into it).  They were cute and said Aj's on them, plus you can use them for a piggy bank too.

We walked all around to just see the sites and found a small pier that we wanted our picture taken with.  After we got rid of all of the birds, a nice little stranger took the shot of all four of us.  We also had to get our coconuts in to: Darwin, George, La Femme, and CoCo!

Who doesn't love getting their picture taken with these awesome scenes where the hole is cut out for your head.  We obviously do. You wouldn't believe the looks you get when you are posing for the camera.  Come on people live on the wile side.

 To my left in this picture was a sun tanning deck and to the right was where the wedding took place.  We were headed back to the condo to get ready and had to seize the opportunity for a good picture!

 We dress up well don't ya think? :)  This was taken on our balcony before heading to the ceremony.

We arrived to the wedding a little early, like 30 minutes or so, we just are being goofy here waiting for the nuptials to begin!
 Leslie and Travis...bride and groom...saying I Do!

 We may have stolen those flowers from the ceremony for Chris and Todd to wear to the reception.  However, the wedding planner ladies came and took them back very promptly I may add.

I loved the placards for the dinner guests.  A star fish is perfect for a beach wedding.  I kept mine and he made it home intact.  
 Kristen and I had a little fun during the reception!
 On Sunday, I finally got some sun to shine long enough for us to pool it for the afternoon.  However, do not get me wrong, it was still a pretty chilly day per my Florida and pooling standards.  At one point I had my sweater on and was wrapped in a towel, but I was determined to get some sun on this trip.
 The view from our balcony on a sunny day.
 On Monday we took the pontoon shuttle over to the little island across from our resort.  Our stay was short as it was FREEZING.  But just to feel the sand in between our toes and take a few pictures was worth it.
 You can see how hard the wind was whipping by the pattern in my tank top.  It was crazy.  My hair was such a mess after this little jaunt.

 Chris, me, and Leslie sat down to find her some good shells to keep to remember her special day!

 On Monday night we went to a beachfront restaurant and we watched the sun set, which was beautiful.
 It is a little dark, but here is Chris and I at dinner.
 This is where the wedding actually took place.

 As quickly as I came to Florida, it was time to bye bye to the Gulf.

 But this little guy was certainly happy to see me on Tuesday night.  :) So that was my trip.  I cannot wait for my next vacation which will be here in 4 weeks.  Vegas baby!  Hope you all have been doing great!  I am linking up with Sammie to share my weekend Shannies (2 weekends later!)


  1. That looks like a blast and makes me wish I could of snuck on board!!

  2. Oh, I can't wait to be on the beach!

  3. The beach and resort really do look stunning! It’s too bad that your iPhone didn’t cooperate much when you were taking pictures. I do wish that I also lived near the beach so that I can simply go to one to de-stress from my busy life. I absolutely love the little coconut man! It looks so cute and funny. By the way, congratulations to the newlyweds too!

    Danny Riddell