Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stepping Into Spring with Ricci Explains It All!

I truly feel that blog swaps are hit or miss.  Sometimes you enter a swap and you put your all into making sure your partner will be happy to find that they did the exact thing for you...and other times, you do not feel as good as you had hoped when your package arrives. I sort of shied away from swaps for that reason, until I saw the Stepping into Spring swap.


Why you might ask? Well BEcause it showcased two of my FAVORITE things: flip flops and nail polish.  I would live in flips all year round if Ohio's weather would accommodate my needs.  Unfortunately, I cannot.  However, I keep two pairs out all year for the "just in case" moments when you have to run somewhere quickly even if it is 30 degrees out.  Nail polish? Puhlease. I paint my nails once or twice a week. I am in love in polishes, especially when I find a good brand.

I was partnered with Ricci (pronounced Ricky) from Ricci Explains It All and I was THRILLED!  I have been getting to know Ricci for a few months now and her blog is one that I make a point to check in daily knowing that I got to shop for her was so much fun.  Check out her blog to see what goodies I sent her and her pup Sophie!

package arrived at the perfect time.  You see I am a teacher and it is spring test season.  It is stressful, everything that you and your kids have worked to achieve since August comes down to ONE testing day.  Test season lasts for three weeks as we adjust our schedules, give high stakes tests, and pray that they do as well as you believe they can.  I had come home a tad stressed and very exhausted and didn't see a package on the porch.  I parked, came in the house, let Henry out...and went about my business.  I remembered that I forgot my phone in my car and went back out to the garage, that is when I noticed that the UPS man had left it in there instead of the porch.  I came in the house and began to rip through the box, just like Christmas morning! :)

 My flips!  Aren't they adorable? They sparkle so of course they are! I love sparkles and most times when you find a cute sparkling pair of shoes they aren't comfortable.  Boy, these are! I had never heard of Yellow Box before my present came, but since I have already looked more pairs up!  They are perfect for spring/summer and great for my go to pair!  I have been wearing them constantly since they arrived.  :)

Ricci was also gracious enough to send me some of her summer favorites which were all amazing.  I love her picks.  I wish she were closer to me because I am sure we would be fast friends.

Seriously all of you ladies need to run out and get this body spray.  It smells divine.  I just took another whiff to remind me of its amazingness. It smells like summer, sun, tan lotion, flowers, and the ocean all rolled into one.  I will be needing a big bottle of this I am sure!

Next up is this Yes to Carrots busy butter.  I have never had anything by Yes to Carrots, but I am huge fan of Yes to Blueberries so I knew I would love this.  I would not say that it smells like carrots (which is good in my opinion) but it is so creamy and buttery. The best part? It is NOT greasy! That is huge in my book because I feel like a lot of the products out there make my skin feel greasy and that is not good. It is phenom! I love this too!

Remember how I said I loved nail polish?This color is awesome.  It is on my nails right now.  One of my students today said that it looks like Skittles.  Not sure about that, but I love it.  This is the perfect spring color for my nails.  I am really into pastels on my nails so this is just perfect.

 Last but not least, Ricci sent me two nail files and a foot insert for at home pedicures.  This was funny because nail files were on my grocery list and Ricci helped me fulfill that need without me going to the grocery store!

 So THANK YOU RICCI! I loved everything in my box and I am so glad that we were paired together for this swap.  I hope you loved your goodies too!

Happy Spring everyone! Only 19 days until Summer Break for me! B-)


  1. Love, love, love the flip flops and the Pink Beach!! You definitely got a great swap partner. :)

  2. YAY!!! I'm glad you loved your gift!!! Those flip flops are my absolute FAVE!!! I may have gotten myself a pair also ;) why can I say....there was an awesome sale at Belk AND I had a coupon!! Thank you for your gift as well I seriously LOVE everything in it!!!!

  3. I've heard those are one of the most comfortable brands. Wish I would have stopped by Belk when they had the sale! What a great box!

  4. I love your monogrammed card! :) Goodies are so fun!