Monday, April 29, 2013

My Weekend in Numbers

It has been awhile since I posted about my weekends in numbers style, so here we go!

NINE hours spent cleaning out my closet and rearranging the rooms a little. I need to put away all of my winter and fall clothing and more importantly get out all of my spring and summer attire.  That part did not take as long but then I got going and wanted to change out some furniture.  I decided that I wanted my beauty room to be only white furniture and I had some white stuff in my actual bedroom, so I started to make the swap.  About halfway through I started to regret it, but now that it is all said and done and it is 24 hours later, I am happy about.  I just need one more piece of furniture from Ikea and I am set! :) The white room is my beauty room and the black cube shelf is in my bedroom.  What do you think?

Two shopping trips! :) I visited Kmart, Kohl's, American Eagle, and TJ Maxx.  I am out the look out for some cute vacation clothes.  I leave on Friday for Destin, Florida for a wedding and we decided to make it a long weekend so we are staying until Tuesday plus VEGAS is 5 weeks away!  I have been able to find some good deals and cute stuff that will become favorites over the warmer months.  Did you know that Kmart has some super cute clothes? I got a top there that I am pumped to wear and another that I wish they had in the stores.  I just ordered it online because it was on sale for $12! At Kohl's I got a couple cute skirts for lounging but cute wear from Sonoma and a pair of shorts by LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's.  I didn't find anything at TJ Maxx (insert sad face) but I definitely did at AE.  For some reason I do not gravitate towards their shirts but their pants, shorts, and dresses I love.  I admit I went a little crazy in there.





AE: BOGO 50% sale is going on right now FYI :)



I would say I had a successful shopping trip! :) And the most exciting part, besides the good deals I got, everything was smaller than what I wore last summer.  Whoop, whoop.  I like this smaller size stuff. 

FOUR yards I had to chase Henry through on Saturday afternoon--ugh.  You see, I keep a baby gate on the front porch so he can sit out there without being tied up and on Saturday he scratched to go outside.  So I just opened the door...but the gate was NOT up.  Instantly my heart dropped.  I didn't even have shoes on, but the chase quickly had begun.  He ran right for the road, oh my--is he smart enough to stop for cars? I doubt it.  He stopped to use the restroom on a tree and I thought How can I get him away from the road? I remembered my brother was out back washing his car, so in a desperate attempt to get back the control I started to run to the back yard.  It worked! He chased me! But then he didn't stop. :(  At this time, he is at full speed.  Now I do not work out, like at all, and I was dying.  Both my brother and I are in full pursuit now as Henry playfully ran from neighbor's to neighbor's yards.  I could not think straight, all I could envision was him running into the next street over and meeting the front of a car.  My cries became desperate.  By the 4th yard we entered, there was another dog out and that dog was going nuts.  Henry didn't even stop to see what was going on. He just kept running head help up high like it was the best day of his life.  By some miracle, my brother dove for his tail and caught him about 15 feet from the road.  I politely apologized to the neighbor about upsetting his dog and grabbed Henry.   What did Henry do next? Refused to walk home. Flat out would not move.  So I had to hold my 56 pound dog on my hip like a 2-year-old child and walk him home.  Moral of this story: I am looking into getting an electric fence this summer. 

I tried one new nail polish this weekend.  Essie's "in the cabana" and it is definitely my new favorite nail color.  It is the perfect spring and summer blue.  It is pretty in the bottle but beautiful on my nails. Love it.  

Oooh I saw also went to the movies to see a new one, The Big Wedding.  It is a romantic comedy and got bad reviews.  Romantic comedies always get bad reviews and they are my favorite movies.  My mom and I went on Sunday afternoon.  It was hysterical and inappropriate most of the time.  I loved it.  Plus it made me notice Topher Grace. Um when did he get hot? All I remember is the dorky looking guy from That 70's Show but boyfriend has improved bigtime since he lost the bowl cut.  I may be late this to party, but he is my new bf for sure. :) 

Well that about sums up my weekend.


  1. i love that nail polish. great color. essie is the greatest! have a great week. ( :

  2. Love the nail polish color!
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