Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I am not sure if anyone has stopped in and noticed, but I have been absent from writing posts.   I originally was battling the flu (for the second time this year) and now I just do not feel like blogging.  It is a crime really. This has happened before, I thought it was just a rut. But now I do not miss it and feel like it is a task that bears on me to write.  Sometimes blogging is something I feel like I cannot keep up with and if I feel that way then I think a break is needed.  So I have decided to call it quits for a bit.  I will pop in when I have a post to write. When I actually have something to say or share.  I am not going to post just to post, or link up to just link up. I am around on other social medias though! I am still active on Instagram and Twitter, so stop in there to chat with me.

Until I return...that's just what Jess is up to...

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  1. I've been there too. Sometimes you need a break. If it feels like a chore don't do it! I'll still be stalking you on IG and Twitter! :)