Monday, April 29, 2013

My Weekend in Numbers

It has been awhile since I posted about my weekends in numbers style, so here we go!

NINE hours spent cleaning out my closet and rearranging the rooms a little. I need to put away all of my winter and fall clothing and more importantly get out all of my spring and summer attire.  That part did not take as long but then I got going and wanted to change out some furniture.  I decided that I wanted my beauty room to be only white furniture and I had some white stuff in my actual bedroom, so I started to make the swap.  About halfway through I started to regret it, but now that it is all said and done and it is 24 hours later, I am happy about.  I just need one more piece of furniture from Ikea and I am set! :) The white room is my beauty room and the black cube shelf is in my bedroom.  What do you think?

Two shopping trips! :) I visited Kmart, Kohl's, American Eagle, and TJ Maxx.  I am out the look out for some cute vacation clothes.  I leave on Friday for Destin, Florida for a wedding and we decided to make it a long weekend so we are staying until Tuesday plus VEGAS is 5 weeks away!  I have been able to find some good deals and cute stuff that will become favorites over the warmer months.  Did you know that Kmart has some super cute clothes? I got a top there that I am pumped to wear and another that I wish they had in the stores.  I just ordered it online because it was on sale for $12! At Kohl's I got a couple cute skirts for lounging but cute wear from Sonoma and a pair of shorts by LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's.  I didn't find anything at TJ Maxx (insert sad face) but I definitely did at AE.  For some reason I do not gravitate towards their shirts but their pants, shorts, and dresses I love.  I admit I went a little crazy in there.





AE: BOGO 50% sale is going on right now FYI :)



I would say I had a successful shopping trip! :) And the most exciting part, besides the good deals I got, everything was smaller than what I wore last summer.  Whoop, whoop.  I like this smaller size stuff. 

FOUR yards I had to chase Henry through on Saturday afternoon--ugh.  You see, I keep a baby gate on the front porch so he can sit out there without being tied up and on Saturday he scratched to go outside.  So I just opened the door...but the gate was NOT up.  Instantly my heart dropped.  I didn't even have shoes on, but the chase quickly had begun.  He ran right for the road, oh my--is he smart enough to stop for cars? I doubt it.  He stopped to use the restroom on a tree and I thought How can I get him away from the road? I remembered my brother was out back washing his car, so in a desperate attempt to get back the control I started to run to the back yard.  It worked! He chased me! But then he didn't stop. :(  At this time, he is at full speed.  Now I do not work out, like at all, and I was dying.  Both my brother and I are in full pursuit now as Henry playfully ran from neighbor's to neighbor's yards.  I could not think straight, all I could envision was him running into the next street over and meeting the front of a car.  My cries became desperate.  By the 4th yard we entered, there was another dog out and that dog was going nuts.  Henry didn't even stop to see what was going on. He just kept running head help up high like it was the best day of his life.  By some miracle, my brother dove for his tail and caught him about 15 feet from the road.  I politely apologized to the neighbor about upsetting his dog and grabbed Henry.   What did Henry do next? Refused to walk home. Flat out would not move.  So I had to hold my 56 pound dog on my hip like a 2-year-old child and walk him home.  Moral of this story: I am looking into getting an electric fence this summer. 

I tried one new nail polish this weekend.  Essie's "in the cabana" and it is definitely my new favorite nail color.  It is the perfect spring and summer blue.  It is pretty in the bottle but beautiful on my nails. Love it.  

Oooh I saw also went to the movies to see a new one, The Big Wedding.  It is a romantic comedy and got bad reviews.  Romantic comedies always get bad reviews and they are my favorite movies.  My mom and I went on Sunday afternoon.  It was hysterical and inappropriate most of the time.  I loved it.  Plus it made me notice Topher Grace. Um when did he get hot? All I remember is the dorky looking guy from That 70's Show but boyfriend has improved bigtime since he lost the bowl cut.  I may be late this to party, but he is my new bf for sure. :) 

Well that about sums up my weekend.

Friday, April 26, 2013

April Beauty Favorites

Yesterday's post just may have gotten me back into the swing of things.  Wahoo!  I am here today to tell you about some of my newest (a few older) favorites for the beauty world for the month of April.  I cannot believe how fast time is flying, but I love it.  I am now less than 20 days away from my summer vacation and I absolutely cannot wait for my summer sun lounging days to be here!  My family just booked our vacation to Las Vegas in June and I am counting down the days for that as well as my long weekend away in Destin, Florida for a friend's wedding in SEVEN DAYS! So let's get back to beauty!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

You may noticed a pattern with this month's favorites...a lot of Physicians Formula products are pictured.  Walgreens has been having major sales in the beauty department and one week they were BOGO 50% and then this week it was all products 40% off!  I took some gambles and have loved everything I tried.

1. and 2.  I have been trying the Super All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cream (SPF 30) in Medium Deep and the Super All-in-1 Beauty Balm Powder (SPF 30) in Medium Deep for a week now.  Let me tell you I get just as much coverage with these two products as I do with a FULL coverage foundation.  And the best part is that they are so light weight on your skin.  I do not even feel like I am wearing makeup.  The powder is creamy feeling even though it is a powder. These two together will be my summer staple FOR SURE.

3.  Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara...where have you been all of my life? This is the best I have tried in a long, long time from the drug store.  I like to wear it alone with two coats or combined with my Benefit They're Real (one coat of each).  All of my other mascaras have fallen to the way side.  Why? It separates, does not clump, does not make my eyes look like spiders, is easy to apply, and lasts all day!  :) Go get you some!

4.  I am a self proclaimed MAC Cosmetics Snob...I am not going to lie.  I recently ordered some new stuff to try online (because my MAC counter stinks!!!) and have fallen in love with a new blush.  It is called Dolly Mix and is seriously beautiful. It is a great shade of pink pink with a silver glittery sheen. It blends magically and is just so pretty on.  I am very very pleased with this choice.

5.  This makeup brush is by MAC which I know is pricey, but after many reviews that I read telling me that it is the best brush in the land for packing on color on the lid, I knew I had to try it.  So I did order the 242 and I have not looked back since.  None of the reviews lied.  I used this daily and and so happy that I bought it.  I even use it with favorite #8 all the time.

6. This little beauty is also by Physicians Formula and is called the Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush.  I chose the color Natural.  First of all, let's take a moment to recognize the A+ packaging here.  Metallic pink case with the beautiful and colorful powder hearts, I swoon.  This booster has a sheen/sparkle to it but it is light.  My favorite way to wear it is to combine it with my Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Fearless.  I wear the Tarte on my first layer and top it with the Booster.  It is so pretty. Perfect for spring and summer. Very girly and pink. :)

7.  The concealer palette by Sonia Kashuk is an oldie but a goodie.  I have been reaching for this constantly as my face still hasn't 100% returned to normal.  I use this before I use foundation or BB cream to cover up any spots that need hidden!  I use the palette in Hidden Agenda II.

8. I have been loving wearing a sparkling shadow on my lid for my eye makeup while wearing matte shades in my crease and on my highlight.  This Loreal Infalliable in Amber Rush is gorgeous.  I absolutely love how it sparkles and stands out.  It is beautiful alone as well as paired with other browns, neutrals, or even purples! When I was at Walgreen's I also picked up the Infalliables in Eternal Sunshine and Iced Latte.  I haven't tried them yet, but will let you know if they become a favorite too.  What I love about this the most is how easy it goes on and in the summer, I love easy makeup.  You can literally just swipe this on your lid and it is so pretty no one will know it took you 5 seconds to apply your pretty eyes!

9.  During my Physicians Formula splurge I also picked up the Sexy Booster: Sexy Glow Blush in Rose.  Again the packaging is an A+ as the outside looks like panty hose and then you can see the high heeled shoe both in the powder and the charm on the side. This provides a light pink sheen to your cheeks and I am excited for when I get my summer tan...because this will be perfect for that fast makeup routine!

10.  Last but not least is Dot by Marc Jacobs.  I am loving this scent right now.  I go back and forth between it and Daisy.  I love both of them equally but lately Dot has won!  MJ is so good at perfume, seriously.

Well that is it...myApril Favorites are here! :) Hope you enjoyed it.  Do you have a favorite that I need to try? Let me know! :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stepping Into Spring with Ricci Explains It All!

I truly feel that blog swaps are hit or miss.  Sometimes you enter a swap and you put your all into making sure your partner will be happy to find that they did the exact thing for you...and other times, you do not feel as good as you had hoped when your package arrives. I sort of shied away from swaps for that reason, until I saw the Stepping into Spring swap.


Why you might ask? Well BEcause it showcased two of my FAVORITE things: flip flops and nail polish.  I would live in flips all year round if Ohio's weather would accommodate my needs.  Unfortunately, I cannot.  However, I keep two pairs out all year for the "just in case" moments when you have to run somewhere quickly even if it is 30 degrees out.  Nail polish? Puhlease. I paint my nails once or twice a week. I am in love in polishes, especially when I find a good brand.

I was partnered with Ricci (pronounced Ricky) from Ricci Explains It All and I was THRILLED!  I have been getting to know Ricci for a few months now and her blog is one that I make a point to check in daily knowing that I got to shop for her was so much fun.  Check out her blog to see what goodies I sent her and her pup Sophie!

package arrived at the perfect time.  You see I am a teacher and it is spring test season.  It is stressful, everything that you and your kids have worked to achieve since August comes down to ONE testing day.  Test season lasts for three weeks as we adjust our schedules, give high stakes tests, and pray that they do as well as you believe they can.  I had come home a tad stressed and very exhausted and didn't see a package on the porch.  I parked, came in the house, let Henry out...and went about my business.  I remembered that I forgot my phone in my car and went back out to the garage, that is when I noticed that the UPS man had left it in there instead of the porch.  I came in the house and began to rip through the box, just like Christmas morning! :)

 My flips!  Aren't they adorable? They sparkle so of course they are! I love sparkles and most times when you find a cute sparkling pair of shoes they aren't comfortable.  Boy, these are! I had never heard of Yellow Box before my present came, but since I have already looked more pairs up!  They are perfect for spring/summer and great for my go to pair!  I have been wearing them constantly since they arrived.  :)

Ricci was also gracious enough to send me some of her summer favorites which were all amazing.  I love her picks.  I wish she were closer to me because I am sure we would be fast friends.

Seriously all of you ladies need to run out and get this body spray.  It smells divine.  I just took another whiff to remind me of its amazingness. It smells like summer, sun, tan lotion, flowers, and the ocean all rolled into one.  I will be needing a big bottle of this I am sure!

Next up is this Yes to Carrots busy butter.  I have never had anything by Yes to Carrots, but I am huge fan of Yes to Blueberries so I knew I would love this.  I would not say that it smells like carrots (which is good in my opinion) but it is so creamy and buttery. The best part? It is NOT greasy! That is huge in my book because I feel like a lot of the products out there make my skin feel greasy and that is not good. It is phenom! I love this too!

Remember how I said I loved nail polish?This color is awesome.  It is on my nails right now.  One of my students today said that it looks like Skittles.  Not sure about that, but I love it.  This is the perfect spring color for my nails.  I am really into pastels on my nails so this is just perfect.

 Last but not least, Ricci sent me two nail files and a foot insert for at home pedicures.  This was funny because nail files were on my grocery list and Ricci helped me fulfill that need without me going to the grocery store!

 So THANK YOU RICCI! I loved everything in my box and I am so glad that we were paired together for this swap.  I hope you loved your goodies too!

Happy Spring everyone! Only 19 days until Summer Break for me! B-)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I am not sure if anyone has stopped in and noticed, but I have been absent from writing posts.   I originally was battling the flu (for the second time this year) and now I just do not feel like blogging.  It is a crime really. This has happened before, I thought it was just a rut. But now I do not miss it and feel like it is a task that bears on me to write.  Sometimes blogging is something I feel like I cannot keep up with and if I feel that way then I think a break is needed.  So I have decided to call it quits for a bit.  I will pop in when I have a post to write. When I actually have something to say or share.  I am not going to post just to post, or link up to just link up. I am around on other social medias though! I am still active on Instagram and Twitter, so stop in there to chat with me.

Until I return...that's just what Jess is up to...