Monday, March 25, 2013

Spaceship Coupe Shenanigans

It is Monday which means it is time to recap the weekend and join Sami's linky party for Weekend Shenanigans! I went to Cincinnati to see my friend Chris and we had a random, but fun time.  Let's check it out!

1 :: I don't know what it is about talking selfies in the car, but I certainly do it a lot. :)

2 :: Friday night we went to the new Horseshoe Casino in downtown Cincy.  It was very pretty and fancy (Vegas style) and definitely was packed with a decent crowd.  I did not gamble as I wasn't feeling lucky, lol.  Chris played a little and lost so we left!

3 :: We hung out in a restaurant afterwards that used to be a beauty salon years ago.  It was cool, I do not remember the name.  The place had a fun vibe and played old funky music.  It was definitely great people watching, which I love.

4 :: We had hand stamps on our hands from the casino and this older woman leaned over to Chris and had a convo that went like this.

W: Excuse me, what is your tattoo? It is very interesting!
C: Ma'am it is a handstamp.

Needless to say, we got a good kick out of her sillyness. Chris has his opportunity to be silly too though.  We were talking about tanning because we are going to Florida in May and he said that he likes to go in the stand up beds.  Why you ask? I will tell you and I quote...

C: Tanning. Stand Up. I dance the whole time.  Sometimes I shimmy to the front and then I shimmy to the back.  

It is official he definitely has more fun tanning than I ever have. :)

5 :: My #ootd for Saturday.  I wanted it to feel SPRING even though it did not.  But I dressed for it.  I am sporting my new cute polka dot Keds, Skinnies are AE, T-shirt and Button Up are Forever 21. 

6 :: We spent our entire day on Saturday car shopping for Chris.  His lease was ending soon so he wanted to see if he could get out of it early.  We were looking at Toyota for the RAV4 and Prius.  He test drove two Prius spaceships.

7 :: Negotiations took FOR EV ER and I enjoyed two cups of complimentary tea.  It was yummy!

8 :: The price talks took so long because our salesman was the slowest typer ever.  They do a transparent deal, which means they instant message with their finance person.  Which is nice because you can see what they are actually saying back and forth, but it was definitely not awesome because the rate it took.  I think we were IMing with the finance guy (who sat 3 cubicles away) for almost TWO HOURS. Ugh.

9 :: 2.5 hours we made a deal on a 2013  Toyota Prius, here Chris is signing on the dotted line.  

10 :: Driving the car around the lot as the official owner.

11 :: Posing with the beautiful nautical blue Prius, who was later named Mr. Spock.  Why you ask? Because seriously the car is a spaceship.

12 :: There are so many gadgets in the car that are simply mind blowing.  Although my favorite is that it is key-less.  Chris can have the keys in his pocket and simply touch his door handle to lock and unlock the car.  I mean are you serious? Yes, I am. 

13 :: My #ootn on Saturday.  I loved the top. It is from a boutique called Apricot Lane.  I loved that it was a high low, but it almost was more tuxedo like.  I loved it.  

14 :: I did my eye make up differently on Saturday too, using some fun turquoise colors.  I do not think I was in love with my finished eye, but I will perfecting the look as the weather hopefully starts to shape up.  

15 :: Another shot of my #ootn.  My jeans are Seven 4 All Mankind, shirt is Apricot Lane, leather jacket is from Nordstrom Rack.  

16 :: Another selfie of the two of us.

17 :: Saying goodbye to Mr. Spock for the time being.  I will certainly miss the magical powers it has.  

18 :: Link up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans so I can read about your weekend too!


  1. Oh man car shopping is the worst, it takes so long but that Prius looks awesome! Love your outfits and makeup, you look so cute! Thanks for linking up pretty :)

  2. LOL- I'm cracking up about him shimmying in the tanning bed. I might just have to try that next time, hehe! ;) Glad you had fun in my city- I haven't been to the new casino yet just because everyone keeps talking about HOW PACKED it is!

  3. Seriously you are so pretty!

    AHH i looks like you had a great weekend! Car shopping is both exciting but also sooo stresful! I hope to not have to do it for a long while!!

  4. I love the eye look and looks like you had an awesome weekend! Great pics!!

  5. I really like the teal-ish color of that room. And the new car is awesome!

  6. Wooo-hooo! Congrats on the new car!!!! And I am LOVING that polka dot top....I want to borrow!! :)