Thursday, March 14, 2013

Recycle Your Bottles for FUN!

For a long time now I have wanted to recycle my old wine and beer bottles to be something cute and something girly but I had never sat down to to make the decision of what I wanted to do.  

After I made my sparkly makeup brush holder and my Jute wrapped initial letter, I knew exactly what to do! The exact same routine, but with my old bottles!

What you will need:
-old bottles (wine, beer, whatever you please!)
-Mod Podge
-Glitter (color of choice)
-Mod Podge Acrylic Adhesive Spray

First, you paint the bottle with Mod Podge, again a very thin layer is optimal! 

Second, sprinkle a coat of your glitter around the bottle.  This was a tad messier than the makeup brush holder as I was working on the outside of the bottle instead of the inside.

Third, place it outside in the sunshine to dry for an hour! And while you wait, you can start your second bottle's craft.

What you will need:

-old bottles (wine, beer, whatever you please!)
-Yarn (color of choice--I chose some cable/twine yarn--so fun!)
-Glue gun
-Glue inserts (you will use several)

Now that you are ready, you just start wrapping the bottle and gluing it to stay!I started on the bottom to ensure everything would be covered evenly.  I glued the frayed end on the bottom and then just started wrapping.  For the first 10 rounds, I glued consistently--I would say every other inch. But as I made my way up the bottle's body, I then just wrapped and wrapped only stopping to glue every 3 or 4 rounds.  Once I got to the neck of the bottle, I went back to my original gluing pattern, every other inch.  When you get to the tippy top, I glued the frayed end down inside the bottle so it is not visible! :)

I really like how the wrapped bottle turned out.  So much that I plan to do another bottle soon.  I need to go to Hobby Lobby to pick up another coordinating color with my room, maybe a pretty silver/gray or even purple.

Back to the glitter bottle--after an hour, it is ready for coat #2. This time, I did not cover the whole bottle with glue at once.  I went section by section to ensure that I covered the entire bottle completely.  I did not want the bottle's glass to show through at all.

You can see how much more "glittery" the second coat became, and I LOVED IT SO MUCH.  Back outside it goes for an hour of drying time! After that hour, I then sprayed the adhesive over the bottle and let it sit for 20 minutes before I brought it back in the house.  I was so in love with the gold glittered bottle, I decided to take a beer bottle and repeat the steps with purple glitter!

So now I have three bottles sitting in one of the cubbies on my shelving system in my beauty glam room.  I definitely plan on adding a fourth bottle in the future.  This was a mindless, fast (besides drying time) craft that I recommend for sure! I hope you like it!


  1. These look fantastic!! I've seen these on Pinterest - and yours look just as great! I've gotta try this.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    The Hartungs Blog

  2. Those are adorbale! What a great way to add color to a room!