Monday, March 11, 2013

My New Beauty Glam Room!

Annnnnnnnnnd I'm BACK!  

Did you miss me? I hope you stopped by at least once to see if I was alive.  Truth is for most of the last 10 days I was not alive.  At least not alive and enjoying life.  I was hit by the awful, bo-dowful crud.  It started as a sore throat, which led to extreme exhaustion, then BOOM I had no voice, a constant cough, a runny nose, flem, insomnia, and an overall feeling of AWFULNESS.  On top of the awfulness, it also felt like a semi truck was parked on my chest and each time I took a breath it revved its engine just to make me feel the pain. True story.  It was truly truly awful.  I went to the doctor last Monday to which my non-English speaking medical professional looked in my nostrils and my mouth and gave me the verdict of laryngitis and sinusitis...gave me THREE prescription drugs and sent me on my way.  HOWEV...the drugs did not help and I continued to get worse.  It was awful.  Seriously the first day I felt crappy was a Thursday and the next time I felt like a human being was the following Sunday...AWFUL!

Anyways, I have been hiding some exciting news that I had planned on sharing last Monday but then the crud happened...I started to re-do my spare bedroom to be my beauty glam room! Last summer I had sort of turned the spare room into a big closet, but in all honesty it just turned into a catch all room.  Which then helped me become even more lazy than I already am with laundry and such.  So my search began for some kick butt furniture that could serve as a vanity, desk, craft table, and such happy space. I went down many venues of thought which each required different budgets...but I settled with the motherland of Ikea to lead me in the right way!  As of now only half of the room is finished...the other half, which I am not showing off, will be finished this summer when my budget builds back up!  So without further adieu, I bring you my beauty glam room!

 Isn't it preeeeety?? Let me break it down for you.  I went to Ikea and went a little cray cray.  I decided on the Expedit work station and shelving system, Henriksdal chair, and Raskog cart.  I went knowing I wanted the work station as I cannot resist a work space that is functional as well as serves a organization and storage purpose.

As my mom and I made our way through the store I was dead set on getting the 4 column shelf (instead of 2 that you see here) and having plenty of cube storage until we came across this beautiful, unique, retro looking cart.  I decided then and there that the cart was a necessity and then the color scheme had been decided for me. :)

The chevron board is my vision/dream/inspiration board.  I made it recently with the hopes of finding a lot of different things to tack on it.  So far it is mostly beauty related items but that goes great since the room is my beauty glam room! :)

1 :: I do still use my Lack tables from Ikea to display my perfume tray with some cutesy fleur de lis statues...I didn't take a picture underneath it because I need a basket of some sort to hide the "office" things I have placed there.

2 :: On top of the shelf I have a bowl for my hair tools (straightener, curling irons and wands), a vase, and a lamp.

3 :: The shelves that are closest to me have my every day make up essentials.  The top shelf has two stackable acrylic compartments with blushes, bronzers, and a kabuki brush.  The bottom has my acrylic organizer that I showed you here.  It is at my arm's reach and holds too much to list!

4 ::  The other shelves are not exactly in arm's reach so I am still deciding on what should be there but for now I have a candle, two beauty books, and a couple of vases.

So there you have it....what do you think? I absolutely am in LOVE.  I mean I love to just sit in here and often times find that I do (at least when I felt well enough to do so).  It is multi-functional and that is exactly what I wanted.  I cannot wait to finish the other half of the room (which is my clothing storage) and be immersed in a beautiful room each and every day!

I hope you all had great weekends...I really just spent it enjoying feeling like a human again.  I cleaned aka de-germed my surroundings, did laundry, cooked up a couple DIY crafts for this week's posts, and enjoyed the weather!

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  1. I love the work space! I have been looking at acrylic drawers for my make-up. I need them to be exposed brushes, etc because my crazy cat is a hoarder. Lift a rug and you will find an assortment of pens, pencils, nail files, bobby pins, you name it. I will not let that little bugger get my make-up brushes! I have the shelving system in my bedroom (in dark brown) and I love it!! I bought some of the baskets and I keep socks and jeans in them due to an overflowing closet. :)

  2. So cute!! Wish I had enough space for a girls room, love the idea!