Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let's Talk Backpacks

Is there an age where it is no longer socially and publicly acceptable to wear a backpack?  And I mean large or small.  I ask this question of you ladies because backpacks are everywhere, EVERYWHERE and they are floral, polka doted, patterned up.  And I really want one.

I own a Vera Bradley backpack that I wear to the beach (see below).  It is a smaller one, but it is perfect for everything but my towel, which I do not mind carrying in my hands.  I like the backpack because it does not weigh one shoulder down and does not make me regret bringing my belongings.
So now that the backpack is making a come back, I am left to ask myself, am I too old to have another one? I am not going to lie I do not use the Vera one ALL that much, but I do like to take it with me on bike rides in the spring and summer too.

I was shopping two weekends ago and I felt like everywhere I turned there was another floral backpack staring into my eyes and checkbook just begging to come home with me.  

So here are a few that I have my questioning eye on...take a look...and then please tell me do I need one of these? Or (you can be honest) am I too old for this trend?

Besides floral, I am also obsessed with polka dots :) This one is from Forever 21 and retails for $34.80.

I love how floral-y this bag is.  It reminds me of a spring breeze for some reason. It is from PacSun and retails for $59.50

I like the leather trim on this one, but am not 100% happy with the floral print.  This one is Mudd brand and can be found at Kohl's for #38.40.

And of course, I saved my favvvvvvorite for last.  This one has a super fun distressed leather flap.  It is from Brandy Melville and retails for $55.00.

What do you think? Backpack or bust? Please help me decide!


  1. I like them all! Im a sucker for polka dots but love the floral too. The floral is more sophisticated so it evens out since it's a backpack! I say go for it!! :)

  2. I like the idea! Its werid how much you see backpacks now!! I really like the Polka Dot one! Im not one to change my style very often, but i might have to think about getting one!!

    Come to the blog hop!

  3. I love backpacks. I seriously don't think they will ever go out of style.
    My favorite are the super bright ones. Victoria Secret usually sells them.