Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's talk acne and other things....

Buckle your blog belt, I have a random post for you today.

So I totally jinxed myself.  Why you ask?

Because in this post right here, I bragged about how I do not get acne.  I maybe get one pimple a month.  After I put it in writing, BOOM the acne train came rolling in at high speeds around here.  If you remember that post, I also told you how I have a problem where I cannot stop picking at acne.  So the train came chugging in, I picked and picked and then the train decided to stay.  

I didn't know what to do.  I hadn't changed much in my routine.  The only thing that had changed was the brand of make up remover wipes that I was using, but it was Neutrogena and I had used them before AND I had started to use the Josie Maran argan oil at night.  Sadly, I boxed up my newly purchased argan set and decided it was the culprit...  So I sent out a tweet, I mean wouldn't you?
One of my favorite bloggers, Ricci, told me to get the Clinque Acne Solutions set.  I was definitely open to this three step set as I already wash my face twice daily and I use my Clarisonic religiously.  I also use face lotion that my dermatologist tells me to-- I was lost on how else to solve this problem.  So in the car I went, off to the mall, to get this set with the hopes that it would H.E.L.P. 

I used the set twice daily (like the instructions said to) for a week straight and then the acne train started up its engines and chugged outta town.  But a new visitor came by, let's call this one the firetruck.  Next up, my skin was burnt and swollen.  Remember on SATC when Samantha got a chemical peel done to her face? Here let me help your memory...
Yeah that is what happened to just my left side of my face.  It was red, hot to the touch, and bumpy.  I couldn't win.  So I actually stopped washing my face twice a day and just washed in the am.  Stopped using my foundation and waited about a week.  It finally cleared up.  Ok, two problems in a row and now two problems solved. 

But do you think I am done? No, way...the acne train came back.  The conductor of that train is a pesky you know what! So by this time (which was about a week ago) I decided to just use step 2 of the solutions set (which is the toner) and keep my old, old routine in place.  So far so good.  I still have a few spots and of course the nose problem I shared yesterday.  But I am hoping that my face can have some time off from now on.  On a side note, I cannot believe how much makeup still comes off with the toner.  By the time I use it, I have used a makeup wipe and Purity face wash.  Makeup definitely gets down deep in those pores.  How do you treat acne?  Any kind of tricks up your sleeve? Do share!
Ok on to other important news.  Did you pick up JT's album?? Huh?? Oh I did! And not only did I get it on iTunes, but I decided to drive to Target to get the CD too.  I figured the CD would be living in my car you get two bonus it was worth it.  He is so dreamy and this whole two week span of him being on television has been wonderful.  I am so glad he is back.  What songs are you loving so far?  I love love love Mirrors, Tunnel Vision, Spaceship Coupe, and That Girl.  

Also, I am SO ready for Spring.  Aren't you?  I am over this cold nonsense.  And although today was a whopping 37 degrees here in Ohio, I decided to dress Spring.  I loved my outfit today, even if I say so myself.
chambray shirt: Forever 21, hot pink skinnies: Lauren Conrad, scarf: Desiring Joy (on Etsy), watch: Michael Kors, earrings: Brighton, bangles: Alex & Ani, shoes: Lauren Conrad

Last but not least on my mind today is my new spring table decor.  While I was shopping at Target, I picked up two new place mats that are so pretty and Spring-y.  
I added my Spring/Easter centerpiece that I made last here.  Here is the post for directions.  I think they are a couple made in heaven.  Or how they said on Sleepless in Seattle MFEO! 

Now that I have gotten all of this of my chest, I am going to end this lovely random mess.  I am linking up with Shanna today for Random Wednesday.  I mean it is Wednesday and I wrote this random post! :) Perfect!  


  1. I went through this too! It was about a year long journey to the point I was nearly in tears. I tried acne washes, regular washes, everything. Finally, I took a step back and started using Cetaphil. I heard some negative things because it has parabens in it but I needed something to "reset" my skin. This did the trick. I used it twice a day until the bottle was gone and then slowly went back to my old routine (mild wash in the AM and exfoliating wash in the PM). I still get minor blemishes occasionally but my face is not what it once was. Before, I could go without make-up and have no worries. I have few red marks from the damage which makes me sad but they cover easily.

    Now I use my clarisonic twice a day and I love it!! Also, I use toner EVERY time I was wash my face. It's crazy what is left behind. I love the Up&Up exfoliating rounds from Target. The have little bumps on them. I put my toner on that to get all of the excess off. :)

  2. I'm sorry my suggestion didn't work for you!!! The first time unused it I felt like I gave myself a chemical peel also. Boo! So I quit using the moisturizer that came with it and just did the wash and toner and that's what worked for me. Do you take it back to Clinique?? They should refund you!!

  3. I was lucky to not have acne / breakout issues until as of recent... I blame it on turning thirty? I ended up going to the derm... boooooooo1

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  4. Girl I feel your pain because I didn't get my first pimple until I was in college and now being almost 30 I have the skin of a 13 year old boy going through puberty. I don't know if this is going to help at all, but have you looked into where on your face you are breaking out? Granted it could be something like the argan oil or a change in product but if it continues, consider checking it into this. They say where you breakout on your face could indicate an "internal" thing. For example, out of the blue 2 years ago I started to break out for the most part around my chin and mouth and it hasn't really gone away since. They say the location I'm breaking out at indicates an issue with your reproductive system, i.e. a hormone imbalance. I have PCOS and infertility so I clearly have issues. Here is a pretty good website breaking down the different sections.

    I hope things clear up for you soon, trust me, I know how not fun breakouts are.

  5. Oh my goodness! I love those place mats and your adorable table flower arrangement! Hope your skin issues clear up soon!

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  8. great post :)
    I've overcome acne and have written a blog post all about it here

    check it out?

    Alice ♥