Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Momma Stesh!

Today is my mom's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I call her Momma Stesh, I do not know why really...but I do!  I hope she has a great day today, but I know we had fun this weekend celebrating her day of birth.  Let's get to my Weekend Shenanigans!

I was very low key on Friday evening.  I was tired from the week and just wanted to be lazy.  I did revamp my magnetic makeup board to match my Beauty Glam room.  If you missed my unveiling of my new room, go here!

I am seriously in love with my new board.  It matches perfectly with my room and is still functional for me! :)  I made my original board a year ago and it seriously helped my organization tremendously.  I am a person who forgets about stuff she owns, if she can't see it.  So seeing make up out like this is a nice, helpful touch for me.  Check out how to make this here!

On Saturday, we celebrated my mom's birthday. So I got all fancied up to go get a pedicure, shop, and gamble!  I absolutely loved my eye make up, I had to document it.  I really feel like I am learning from these lovely YouTube beauty gurus that I stalk watch. I at least feel that way, who knows what they would say about my skills.  What do you think? You like? It was also my first time using falsies!  The only other time I wore false lashes was for Halloween one year and they were HUGE and royal blue.  This was a fun experience for me, and I thought they looked very natural.  So I believe I will become a regular in the false eye lash world. :)

Let me know if you want a tutorial...I could cook one up for you ladies! Especially if you have some MAC in your make up collection!

#ootd: Jeans-Seven for All Man Kind, T-shirt-Rock & Republic, Blazer- Lauren Conrad, Necklace- Crave Jewels (on Etsy), Wedges- Kenneth Cole, Earrings-Kate Spade, Arm Candy-Alex & Ani and Kate Spade

My mom and I had a great time getting our nails done and shopping!  I bought way too much, but does that surprise you? It definitely shouldn't!  I even broke my Cosmetic Free March vow.  I know I know, I am weak...but I did last 16 days! Haha, like I told my mom, it was a 24 hour cheat break and now I am dedicated to the vow again.  If you wanna see my new finds, let me know and I can post it up!

After dinner, we scooped up my brother and went to dinner.  After going to two false addresses provided by Siri, we settled for Applebee's.  I had fajitas and they were yummmmmy in my tummy.

Next stop, the new Hollywood Casino in Columbus.  My mom loves to play Keno and she passed down the love to my brother.  Me on the other hand, well let's just say I need physical items in my possession when I spend my money.  But it was my mom's birthday not mine! So a gambling we went!

 The hotel was nice.  Really nice.  It looked like Vegas. It sounded like Vegas.  But there was still a whole lot of country and crazy that you usually do not see in mainstream Vegas. We took a lap to see what our surroundings were (it was packed) and took in a little free country concert from Keith Anderson.  Then my mom found a spot where there were three seats at Keno.  So we sat.

My mom was instantly in heaven and started playing immediately.  I on the other hand, took in my surroundings.  Things I noticed? People were also dressed like it was Vegas while at the same time some ladies came in their PJs.  I couldn't decide if they had been there since they woke up that morning or if they were already ready for bed.  Needless to say, there wasn't a hotel attached to the casino so at some point they thought PJs were totally casino wear.  

I half pay attention when I play.  A) I do not like to play and B) I like to occupy my attention. So I kept gazing at my new Michael Kors watch and playing Candy Crush and somehow in between my ADD I won $200 bucks.  Kinda ironic that the girl that doesn't like to gamble wins and the two who love it did not! :) 

All in all, we had a great day and spent our weekend in a wonderful way!  Last year we actually went to Vegas, so I can't say that it was the same experience, but we tried, lol!  

That's all I have for you today!  Link up with Sami to share your Shenanigans.  And if any of you know how to combat this purple nose condition I have, please share.  I had a pimple this morning, so naturally I popped it and my nose stayed purple and red.  It is really sad.  Boo hoo :(


  1. I love you new makeup board! I want to make one once we have a house/townhouse. I'm so happy you won 200$- glad you had fun with your mom~ enjoy your Monday

  2. FUN weekend!!! My nose does that sometimes too...wonder why?? It usually goes away the next day.

  3. Haha! Love your eye makeup! A DIY Tutorial might need to happen!

  4. Agreeed!! Love Love Love the eye makeup!!!