Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY: How to Hide Your Internet Modem/Router

 If I showed you this picture, would you be able to guess what hides inside? Probably not! Most would think pictures or small knick knacks.  However, you are wrong, missy!  Inside these lovely boxes hide my internet modem and wireless router!  They are such eye sores, right? And now that my beauty glam room is almost completely done, I didn't want to stare at this anymore.

Where do you turn when you know you want to make some craft change? PINTEREST! Whoop Whoop! It took me awhile because I had to modify my search many times until I hit the jack pot.  It was a pin from which showed you how to cleverly hide your cable boxes and internet stuff too.  
There were several ideas but the one I liked the best was hiding the eye sores in decorative photo boxes.  The blogger said she bought her boxes at The Container Store so I looked online.  But they averaged about $15 and I can't justify spending that much mula when I am going to cut it up.  So I ventured out to my trusty Hobby Lobby store where I found these boxes. 
I bought two and they were $3.99 each, however, I used my 40% off coupon to reduce my price.  I checked out in two different transactions so I could both on sale too.  Yes, that is how I roll.  

The rest is simple.  Seriously you just need an Exacto knife (or something similar) and cut the back of the box so the wires can come through.  
Then place your devices in the box and arrange your wires!

Now, I want to address some concerns you may have.  I read on the blog about how many people were concerned about the boxes overheating.  That is a very legitimate concern.  The blogger suggested taking the lids off every now and again to allow the modem and router to breathe as well as checking the boxes heat by simply touching them from time to time.  I also made sure my holes that I cut were nice and big, I mean it is the back and no one is going to see it so might as well be safe.  I have had mine arranged and on for 24 hours and they are cool to the touch.  I feel absolutely zero heat when I place my hand on them.  So I will continue to check it and be careful of course.  

So I am left with this pretty addition to the top of my dresser instead of an eye sore. #pinterestsuccess

And speaking of my dresser.  Round 2 of my beauty glam room is now complete (if you missed round 1 go here).  I will probably need two more rounds: one for painting and one for a tall skinny chest.  But we are taking this endeavor one step at a time.  

This week I put together a Malm 6-drawer dresser from Ikea and I am in love.  It is strange how I fall in love with different pieces of furniture, but I do.  It is white and stretches across 63 inches.  I have been able to eliminate 3 old pieces of storage/containers by getting this dresser.  The top of the dresser is glass which adds a pretty shine to the room.  I have all of my jewelry arranged so it not only is accessible but is also decoration too!  
That is all I have for today! Today is my first day on Spring Break! Yay!! :) I slept in and cleaned, nothing exciting really but I am enjoying it!  Talk to you ladies later :)


  1. I'm totally out of storage in my bedroom. I have been thinking a trip to Ikea is very necessary. This might have solidified it. I love that dresser!

  2. I love this! I need to do this asap I hate the ugly cords in my room from my router and such. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the room when you are all done. :)

  3. I love that idea of hiding it! I never would have thought of that! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

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  5. I never write reviews, but this time I had to do it. Thank you so much for the idea. I have so many cables under a glass desk that I bought on sale, and it had been like that for a year. I found your idea through Pinterest. I made modifications to the holes in the boxes because I have way more cables. Still, I made it work and it looks much better. Thank you again!