Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Add a Little WOW WOW to your Initial

I don't know about you and your door but mine has been sad ever since Santa left town!  I know I know...there have been plenty of other reasons to get the door decorated but I couldn't find the creative energy.  So unfortunately the football wreath went back up even though OSU hasn't played since November...ooops...I will go with that is dedication to my fav football team! Yeah, that's it that is what I will go with!

My next confession is that I was planned for this craft months ago.  I went to Hobby Lobby on the first pay day of January to splurge on some new year crafts...yet they all have sat in the bag until this weekend. I do not know what my deal was...but I couldn't find my crafty mojo.  But when my sickness took the first jet plane out of here it dropped off my willingness to craft and for that I thank the illness.  Wait, did I just really say that? Oh man...

What you need today:
  • Your chosen initial wooden letter
  • Glue gun
  • A spool of Jute
  • Ribbon of choice

First take the Jute and wrap the "odd" ends.  For me the F has quite a few of these and you will see in the following pictures I wrapped them first...I did this to make sure they were covered evenly and I had the room to go the length of the letter in the right proportions (I hope that makes sense).

 As you wrap you want to place a small amount of glue with every other wrap to ensure placement...this can get a little messy but the glue is easily removed after it is dry if excess glue hanging out.

 Once all of the odd places are covered I then moved on to cover the entire letter...this took about an hour in total.  I took my time as it was my first time using Jute and covering an initial.  I wanted it to look "professional."

I had to get a little creative to cover the outside edges.  As you can see here, I cut small strands of Jute to do the trick.  After I glued them in their place, I wrapped them to the back of the letter and glued the extra down.  

Once everything is covered you are ready to use your ribbon.  The ribbon will be used to add some extra decor as well as serve as the means to hang the letter on your door.

Since my last name beings with an F it was off balance because most of the letter sits on one side.  I used the ribbon as a "loop by gluing it on both sides of the F and reinforcing it with a flat piece of ribbon as well.

 As you can see I also made a bow with the same patterned ribbon to add onto the initial.  I tied the bow first and then glued it down.

After everything dried and sat over night, I hung it on the front door.  What do you think? I love it! :)


  1. That's super adorable!! I have a ton of twine right now left over from bridal shower stuff, I need to put it to good use!! Jared keeps telling me I need to 'craft something for our door' haha since our Christmas stuff is gone it DOES look empty!!

  2. SUPER CUTE! Way to go :-) I started an "M" earlier this fall with really fun colored yarn but didn't get very far because I had LOST (?) my hot glue gun! I have a new one know... which means I need to get back and finish it! LOVE your ribbon!

  3. This is so adorable! I'm always looking for new DIY projects.

    Hope you have a wonderful day :)

    The Hartungs Blog