Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Letters, H54F, and a Little Groove

These thankful letters come from me Spring Break style...I get a five day weekend for SB this year which is not as much as I wish I had, but it will do!  Get ready for three linky parties in one post!

Dear Meteorologists,  Thank you for not knowing what you were talking about last weekend.  You said we would get anywhere between 4-7 inches of snow and boy it was the biggest storm of the year.  Ummm yeah, right!  We didn't even get one inch.  But I am thankful for your lack of preciseness in your field because had we missed Monday at school, we would have been making up snow days instead of Spring Breakin' it!

Dear Henry, I am sorry that I have to take you to the vet today.  You are up for a crazy amount of shots today and you will not be a happy camper.  I believe there are 5 so I just hope we get out of the office without making any more enemies than we already have there.  And I will apologize in advance if we get the mean lady, Mommy will stand up for you, I got your back buddy!

Dear Ipsy, Sorry I'm not sorry.  I quit you yesterday.  I guess I wasn't willing to put in the time like I did with Birchbox to see if it was worth the monthly fee.  I was not wowed or knocked off my beauty loving feet, so I am moving on.  I think I will be trying out the Pop Sugar Must Have box now.  I know it is more expensive, but looks AHmazing.

Dear Family, I am excited to see everyone tomorrow. I am ready for a good time, laughter, and hopefully some nice weather! :) Christmas was too long ago!

Dear Ikea, Thank you for existing.  Although I wish you would ship for less than $300 dollars.  I think I only need one more piece to complete my beauty glam room.  I am loving my Malm 6-drawer dresser and the prettiness it brings my room!


Ok I am off to now link up with Lauren for my H54F edition!

1. Snuggle time with Henry yesterday for Day 1 of SB.
2. I seriously have not stopped spending QT with JT since last Tuesday. I am obsessed.  In a good way of course.
3. Essie's "madison ave-hue" is now on my nails. I love the pinky pink with the subtle shimmer.
4. My new dresser from Ikea. So pretty.
5. If you missed yesterday's post, guess what is hidden in those boxes? Check here to see.

Lastly and quite frankly the most fun. It is time to #backthatazzup with some jams for Friday.  Linking up with Whitney for this special Friday dance party.

This week's pick comes from Beyonce and Jay Z with a little Bonnie and Clyde.  I remember having this song on a mix that I burned in 2003 during my student teaching and I would blare it on the way the school.  Enjoy!

Well that was certainly a fun post. Have a great weekend. Happy Easter all!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY: How to Hide Your Internet Modem/Router

 If I showed you this picture, would you be able to guess what hides inside? Probably not! Most would think pictures or small knick knacks.  However, you are wrong, missy!  Inside these lovely boxes hide my internet modem and wireless router!  They are such eye sores, right? And now that my beauty glam room is almost completely done, I didn't want to stare at this anymore.

Where do you turn when you know you want to make some craft change? PINTEREST! Whoop Whoop! It took me awhile because I had to modify my search many times until I hit the jack pot.  It was a pin from which showed you how to cleverly hide your cable boxes and internet stuff too.  
There were several ideas but the one I liked the best was hiding the eye sores in decorative photo boxes.  The blogger said she bought her boxes at The Container Store so I looked online.  But they averaged about $15 and I can't justify spending that much mula when I am going to cut it up.  So I ventured out to my trusty Hobby Lobby store where I found these boxes. 
I bought two and they were $3.99 each, however, I used my 40% off coupon to reduce my price.  I checked out in two different transactions so I could both on sale too.  Yes, that is how I roll.  

The rest is simple.  Seriously you just need an Exacto knife (or something similar) and cut the back of the box so the wires can come through.  
Then place your devices in the box and arrange your wires!

Now, I want to address some concerns you may have.  I read on the blog about how many people were concerned about the boxes overheating.  That is a very legitimate concern.  The blogger suggested taking the lids off every now and again to allow the modem and router to breathe as well as checking the boxes heat by simply touching them from time to time.  I also made sure my holes that I cut were nice and big, I mean it is the back and no one is going to see it so might as well be safe.  I have had mine arranged and on for 24 hours and they are cool to the touch.  I feel absolutely zero heat when I place my hand on them.  So I will continue to check it and be careful of course.  

So I am left with this pretty addition to the top of my dresser instead of an eye sore. #pinterestsuccess

And speaking of my dresser.  Round 2 of my beauty glam room is now complete (if you missed round 1 go here).  I will probably need two more rounds: one for painting and one for a tall skinny chest.  But we are taking this endeavor one step at a time.  

This week I put together a Malm 6-drawer dresser from Ikea and I am in love.  It is strange how I fall in love with different pieces of furniture, but I do.  It is white and stretches across 63 inches.  I have been able to eliminate 3 old pieces of storage/containers by getting this dresser.  The top of the dresser is glass which adds a pretty shine to the room.  I have all of my jewelry arranged so it not only is accessible but is also decoration too!  
That is all I have for today! Today is my first day on Spring Break! Yay!! :) I slept in and cleaned, nothing exciting really but I am enjoying it!  Talk to you ladies later :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let's Talk Backpacks

Is there an age where it is no longer socially and publicly acceptable to wear a backpack?  And I mean large or small.  I ask this question of you ladies because backpacks are everywhere, EVERYWHERE and they are floral, polka doted, patterned up.  And I really want one.

I own a Vera Bradley backpack that I wear to the beach (see below).  It is a smaller one, but it is perfect for everything but my towel, which I do not mind carrying in my hands.  I like the backpack because it does not weigh one shoulder down and does not make me regret bringing my belongings.
So now that the backpack is making a come back, I am left to ask myself, am I too old to have another one? I am not going to lie I do not use the Vera one ALL that much, but I do like to take it with me on bike rides in the spring and summer too.

I was shopping two weekends ago and I felt like everywhere I turned there was another floral backpack staring into my eyes and checkbook just begging to come home with me.  

So here are a few that I have my questioning eye on...take a look...and then please tell me do I need one of these? Or (you can be honest) am I too old for this trend?

Besides floral, I am also obsessed with polka dots :) This one is from Forever 21 and retails for $34.80.

I love how floral-y this bag is.  It reminds me of a spring breeze for some reason. It is from PacSun and retails for $59.50

I like the leather trim on this one, but am not 100% happy with the floral print.  This one is Mudd brand and can be found at Kohl's for #38.40.

And of course, I saved my favvvvvvorite for last.  This one has a super fun distressed leather flap.  It is from Brandy Melville and retails for $55.00.

What do you think? Backpack or bust? Please help me decide!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spaceship Coupe Shenanigans

It is Monday which means it is time to recap the weekend and join Sami's linky party for Weekend Shenanigans! I went to Cincinnati to see my friend Chris and we had a random, but fun time.  Let's check it out!

1 :: I don't know what it is about talking selfies in the car, but I certainly do it a lot. :)

2 :: Friday night we went to the new Horseshoe Casino in downtown Cincy.  It was very pretty and fancy (Vegas style) and definitely was packed with a decent crowd.  I did not gamble as I wasn't feeling lucky, lol.  Chris played a little and lost so we left!

3 :: We hung out in a restaurant afterwards that used to be a beauty salon years ago.  It was cool, I do not remember the name.  The place had a fun vibe and played old funky music.  It was definitely great people watching, which I love.

4 :: We had hand stamps on our hands from the casino and this older woman leaned over to Chris and had a convo that went like this.

W: Excuse me, what is your tattoo? It is very interesting!
C: Ma'am it is a handstamp.

Needless to say, we got a good kick out of her sillyness. Chris has his opportunity to be silly too though.  We were talking about tanning because we are going to Florida in May and he said that he likes to go in the stand up beds.  Why you ask? I will tell you and I quote...

C: Tanning. Stand Up. I dance the whole time.  Sometimes I shimmy to the front and then I shimmy to the back.  

It is official he definitely has more fun tanning than I ever have. :)

5 :: My #ootd for Saturday.  I wanted it to feel SPRING even though it did not.  But I dressed for it.  I am sporting my new cute polka dot Keds, Skinnies are AE, T-shirt and Button Up are Forever 21. 

6 :: We spent our entire day on Saturday car shopping for Chris.  His lease was ending soon so he wanted to see if he could get out of it early.  We were looking at Toyota for the RAV4 and Prius.  He test drove two Prius spaceships.

7 :: Negotiations took FOR EV ER and I enjoyed two cups of complimentary tea.  It was yummy!

8 :: The price talks took so long because our salesman was the slowest typer ever.  They do a transparent deal, which means they instant message with their finance person.  Which is nice because you can see what they are actually saying back and forth, but it was definitely not awesome because the rate it took.  I think we were IMing with the finance guy (who sat 3 cubicles away) for almost TWO HOURS. Ugh.

9 :: 2.5 hours we made a deal on a 2013  Toyota Prius, here Chris is signing on the dotted line.  

10 :: Driving the car around the lot as the official owner.

11 :: Posing with the beautiful nautical blue Prius, who was later named Mr. Spock.  Why you ask? Because seriously the car is a spaceship.

12 :: There are so many gadgets in the car that are simply mind blowing.  Although my favorite is that it is key-less.  Chris can have the keys in his pocket and simply touch his door handle to lock and unlock the car.  I mean are you serious? Yes, I am. 

13 :: My #ootn on Saturday.  I loved the top. It is from a boutique called Apricot Lane.  I loved that it was a high low, but it almost was more tuxedo like.  I loved it.  

14 :: I did my eye make up differently on Saturday too, using some fun turquoise colors.  I do not think I was in love with my finished eye, but I will perfecting the look as the weather hopefully starts to shape up.  

15 :: Another shot of my #ootn.  My jeans are Seven 4 All Mankind, shirt is Apricot Lane, leather jacket is from Nordstrom Rack.  

16 :: Another selfie of the two of us.

17 :: Saying goodbye to Mr. Spock for the time being.  I will certainly miss the magical powers it has.  

18 :: Link up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans so I can read about your weekend too!

Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Friday...It's Friday...Gotta get down on Friday!

This week flew by for me...I am so glad it did.  Although the weather isn't cooperating, I am in Spring mode 100%.  Like my new fave shoes...KEDS! I am glad they are making a comeback and all of the polka dots and floral designs that are out there are to die for!  I definitely am going to be getting a floral pair, ASAP.

What are you up to this weekend? I am going on a lil road trip to see my bestie, Dr. Chris.  I am pumped because I had to cancel three weeks ago because I was so sick.  So we are set for a great weekend in Cincinnati.  We are planless which is unlike us as a duo.  Other than going car shopping for him.  That should be fun, especially since I am still on my new car high from purchasing Stella!  Hopefully I will have some great pictures to share on Monday.

This post was short and sweet and I am linking up today with Whit for #backthatazzup Friday!

I listen to I HEART RADIO every morning so I can listen to my favorite DC morning show, The Kane Show.  I HEART is my favorite app because I was lost without listening to these guys once I moved back to Ohio.  And now for the 90 minutes of my morning routine, I can laugh and sing with them.  Every morning they play a throw back at 6:00am and I thought it was a perfect back to participate in Whitney's linky party!  So today , #backthatazzup Friday selection is by Tupac and Dr. Dre with California Love! I even turned my radio speakers up while I sang this song like I owned it.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's talk acne and other things....

Buckle your blog belt, I have a random post for you today.

So I totally jinxed myself.  Why you ask?

Because in this post right here, I bragged about how I do not get acne.  I maybe get one pimple a month.  After I put it in writing, BOOM the acne train came rolling in at high speeds around here.  If you remember that post, I also told you how I have a problem where I cannot stop picking at acne.  So the train came chugging in, I picked and picked and then the train decided to stay.  

I didn't know what to do.  I hadn't changed much in my routine.  The only thing that had changed was the brand of make up remover wipes that I was using, but it was Neutrogena and I had used them before AND I had started to use the Josie Maran argan oil at night.  Sadly, I boxed up my newly purchased argan set and decided it was the culprit...  So I sent out a tweet, I mean wouldn't you?
One of my favorite bloggers, Ricci, told me to get the Clinque Acne Solutions set.  I was definitely open to this three step set as I already wash my face twice daily and I use my Clarisonic religiously.  I also use face lotion that my dermatologist tells me to-- I was lost on how else to solve this problem.  So in the car I went, off to the mall, to get this set with the hopes that it would H.E.L.P. 

I used the set twice daily (like the instructions said to) for a week straight and then the acne train started up its engines and chugged outta town.  But a new visitor came by, let's call this one the firetruck.  Next up, my skin was burnt and swollen.  Remember on SATC when Samantha got a chemical peel done to her face? Here let me help your memory...
Yeah that is what happened to just my left side of my face.  It was red, hot to the touch, and bumpy.  I couldn't win.  So I actually stopped washing my face twice a day and just washed in the am.  Stopped using my foundation and waited about a week.  It finally cleared up.  Ok, two problems in a row and now two problems solved. 

But do you think I am done? No, way...the acne train came back.  The conductor of that train is a pesky you know what! So by this time (which was about a week ago) I decided to just use step 2 of the solutions set (which is the toner) and keep my old, old routine in place.  So far so good.  I still have a few spots and of course the nose problem I shared yesterday.  But I am hoping that my face can have some time off from now on.  On a side note, I cannot believe how much makeup still comes off with the toner.  By the time I use it, I have used a makeup wipe and Purity face wash.  Makeup definitely gets down deep in those pores.  How do you treat acne?  Any kind of tricks up your sleeve? Do share!
Ok on to other important news.  Did you pick up JT's album?? Huh?? Oh I did! And not only did I get it on iTunes, but I decided to drive to Target to get the CD too.  I figured the CD would be living in my car you get two bonus it was worth it.  He is so dreamy and this whole two week span of him being on television has been wonderful.  I am so glad he is back.  What songs are you loving so far?  I love love love Mirrors, Tunnel Vision, Spaceship Coupe, and That Girl.  

Also, I am SO ready for Spring.  Aren't you?  I am over this cold nonsense.  And although today was a whopping 37 degrees here in Ohio, I decided to dress Spring.  I loved my outfit today, even if I say so myself.
chambray shirt: Forever 21, hot pink skinnies: Lauren Conrad, scarf: Desiring Joy (on Etsy), watch: Michael Kors, earrings: Brighton, bangles: Alex & Ani, shoes: Lauren Conrad

Last but not least on my mind today is my new spring table decor.  While I was shopping at Target, I picked up two new place mats that are so pretty and Spring-y.  
I added my Spring/Easter centerpiece that I made last here.  Here is the post for directions.  I think they are a couple made in heaven.  Or how they said on Sleepless in Seattle MFEO! 

Now that I have gotten all of this of my chest, I am going to end this lovely random mess.  I am linking up with Shanna today for Random Wednesday.  I mean it is Wednesday and I wrote this random post! :) Perfect!  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Momma Stesh!

Today is my mom's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I call her Momma Stesh, I do not know why really...but I do!  I hope she has a great day today, but I know we had fun this weekend celebrating her day of birth.  Let's get to my Weekend Shenanigans!

I was very low key on Friday evening.  I was tired from the week and just wanted to be lazy.  I did revamp my magnetic makeup board to match my Beauty Glam room.  If you missed my unveiling of my new room, go here!

I am seriously in love with my new board.  It matches perfectly with my room and is still functional for me! :)  I made my original board a year ago and it seriously helped my organization tremendously.  I am a person who forgets about stuff she owns, if she can't see it.  So seeing make up out like this is a nice, helpful touch for me.  Check out how to make this here!

On Saturday, we celebrated my mom's birthday. So I got all fancied up to go get a pedicure, shop, and gamble!  I absolutely loved my eye make up, I had to document it.  I really feel like I am learning from these lovely YouTube beauty gurus that I stalk watch. I at least feel that way, who knows what they would say about my skills.  What do you think? You like? It was also my first time using falsies!  The only other time I wore false lashes was for Halloween one year and they were HUGE and royal blue.  This was a fun experience for me, and I thought they looked very natural.  So I believe I will become a regular in the false eye lash world. :)

Let me know if you want a tutorial...I could cook one up for you ladies! Especially if you have some MAC in your make up collection!

#ootd: Jeans-Seven for All Man Kind, T-shirt-Rock & Republic, Blazer- Lauren Conrad, Necklace- Crave Jewels (on Etsy), Wedges- Kenneth Cole, Earrings-Kate Spade, Arm Candy-Alex & Ani and Kate Spade

My mom and I had a great time getting our nails done and shopping!  I bought way too much, but does that surprise you? It definitely shouldn't!  I even broke my Cosmetic Free March vow.  I know I know, I am weak...but I did last 16 days! Haha, like I told my mom, it was a 24 hour cheat break and now I am dedicated to the vow again.  If you wanna see my new finds, let me know and I can post it up!

After dinner, we scooped up my brother and went to dinner.  After going to two false addresses provided by Siri, we settled for Applebee's.  I had fajitas and they were yummmmmy in my tummy.

Next stop, the new Hollywood Casino in Columbus.  My mom loves to play Keno and she passed down the love to my brother.  Me on the other hand, well let's just say I need physical items in my possession when I spend my money.  But it was my mom's birthday not mine! So a gambling we went!

 The hotel was nice.  Really nice.  It looked like Vegas. It sounded like Vegas.  But there was still a whole lot of country and crazy that you usually do not see in mainstream Vegas. We took a lap to see what our surroundings were (it was packed) and took in a little free country concert from Keith Anderson.  Then my mom found a spot where there were three seats at Keno.  So we sat.

My mom was instantly in heaven and started playing immediately.  I on the other hand, took in my surroundings.  Things I noticed? People were also dressed like it was Vegas while at the same time some ladies came in their PJs.  I couldn't decide if they had been there since they woke up that morning or if they were already ready for bed.  Needless to say, there wasn't a hotel attached to the casino so at some point they thought PJs were totally casino wear.  

I half pay attention when I play.  A) I do not like to play and B) I like to occupy my attention. So I kept gazing at my new Michael Kors watch and playing Candy Crush and somehow in between my ADD I won $200 bucks.  Kinda ironic that the girl that doesn't like to gamble wins and the two who love it did not! :) 

All in all, we had a great day and spent our weekend in a wonderful way!  Last year we actually went to Vegas, so I can't say that it was the same experience, but we tried, lol!  

That's all I have for you today!  Link up with Sami to share your Shenanigans.  And if any of you know how to combat this purple nose condition I have, please share.  I had a pimple this morning, so naturally I popped it and my nose stayed purple and red.  It is really sad.  Boo hoo :(

Friday, March 15, 2013


I don't know about you but I AM SO GLAD IT IS FRIDAY! 
Insert cheering here.

I actually had a strange week...I felt very stressed and down in parts of my week, but at the same time had a great week of mail and in the crafty world! So here are my top 5 pictures from the week!

#1 is JT! I am seriously falling in love with him ALL over again. He was superb on SNL last weekend and I just cannot wait for this album on Tuesday.  I am tempted to actually buy the CD at Target because you get two bonus tracks that you won't get on iTunes.  Hum...It will be my summer CD of choice, for sure. I just know it!

 I glammed up my makeup brush holder this week too.  I love how it sparkles and is just so pretty.  I am already burning another candle so I can make another one very very soon.

 I finally decorated my front door for Spring. It had been bare since Santa left town.  I love it too.  I was definitely pleased with my craftiness this past week.

 I rocked this arm candy this week too.  Seriously, I never though I would be the one to wear skulls of any kind on my body, but I was proved wrong when I met these beauties.  The leather wrap is from the Saks 5th Avenue (Factory store, Off 5th) and the others are form Dazzleme.

Last but not least this beauty arrived in the mail.  I am so in love in this necklace.  It makes me smile and get so excited for Spring!  I am totally wearing it this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday.  It is from Crave Jewels (on Etsy) and it is part of the Candy Collection.  Go check out Erin's store, everything is to die for!

TGIF--Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Recycle Your Bottles for FUN!

For a long time now I have wanted to recycle my old wine and beer bottles to be something cute and something girly but I had never sat down to to make the decision of what I wanted to do.  

After I made my sparkly makeup brush holder and my Jute wrapped initial letter, I knew exactly what to do! The exact same routine, but with my old bottles!

What you will need:
-old bottles (wine, beer, whatever you please!)
-Mod Podge
-Glitter (color of choice)
-Mod Podge Acrylic Adhesive Spray

First, you paint the bottle with Mod Podge, again a very thin layer is optimal! 

Second, sprinkle a coat of your glitter around the bottle.  This was a tad messier than the makeup brush holder as I was working on the outside of the bottle instead of the inside.

Third, place it outside in the sunshine to dry for an hour! And while you wait, you can start your second bottle's craft.

What you will need:

-old bottles (wine, beer, whatever you please!)
-Yarn (color of choice--I chose some cable/twine yarn--so fun!)
-Glue gun
-Glue inserts (you will use several)

Now that you are ready, you just start wrapping the bottle and gluing it to stay!I started on the bottom to ensure everything would be covered evenly.  I glued the frayed end on the bottom and then just started wrapping.  For the first 10 rounds, I glued consistently--I would say every other inch. But as I made my way up the bottle's body, I then just wrapped and wrapped only stopping to glue every 3 or 4 rounds.  Once I got to the neck of the bottle, I went back to my original gluing pattern, every other inch.  When you get to the tippy top, I glued the frayed end down inside the bottle so it is not visible! :)

I really like how the wrapped bottle turned out.  So much that I plan to do another bottle soon.  I need to go to Hobby Lobby to pick up another coordinating color with my room, maybe a pretty silver/gray or even purple.

Back to the glitter bottle--after an hour, it is ready for coat #2. This time, I did not cover the whole bottle with glue at once.  I went section by section to ensure that I covered the entire bottle completely.  I did not want the bottle's glass to show through at all.

You can see how much more "glittery" the second coat became, and I LOVED IT SO MUCH.  Back outside it goes for an hour of drying time! After that hour, I then sprayed the adhesive over the bottle and let it sit for 20 minutes before I brought it back in the house.  I was so in love with the gold glittered bottle, I decided to take a beer bottle and repeat the steps with purple glitter!

So now I have three bottles sitting in one of the cubbies on my shelving system in my beauty glam room.  I definitely plan on adding a fourth bottle in the future.  This was a mindless, fast (besides drying time) craft that I recommend for sure! I hope you like it!