Monday, February 4, 2013

When a Diamond is Black...

 ...hit the slopes in the mountains of Maryland with three of my friends! It was a fun weekend as well as a perfect weekend for snow and snowy sports.

Located in McHenry, Maryland is an area known as Deep Creek because of the lake and nestled on the mountain is the ski lodge called Wisp.  This is the place we frequent in the winter months to ski.  We have become somewhat regulars here as it is a 3 hour drive from where we live in Ohio and it is an actual mountain, which is unlike what we find in Ohio.

Here is a map of my favorite part of the mountain.  I like green trails (I dotted them in the aqua color).  Why? Because I feel confident on them, and I can form my S shapes as I go down the mountain...and picking up speed here is not too scary for me.   For most of the day, I stay here.

When we arrived on Saturday morning, the room was not ready so we grabbed lunch and hit the slopes for a couple of hours.  We were cold but still doing ok.  The snow hadn't started yet but we were definitely skiing in fresh, real snow.  Some of the hills were pretty icy, which often scares the crap out of me, but overall we were cruising along.

As you can see my color scheme is deep blue/purple and aqua.  I love the hat I am wearing at the ski shop and I knew it had to be in my head.  What can I say....I can shop anywhere!

We took a little break to warm up, it was only 18 degrees and checked into the room around 4:30. I was pretty numb by this point, but my legs were holding up...not hurting as badly as they usually do.  Skiing is a work out even though I find it enjoyable.  Just to give you an idea, in Weight Watchers you can earn activity points when you work out.  When I go to Zumba for an hour I earn 12 points...skiing for the day on Saturday, I earned 52!! Whoop Whoop!

Anyways, once we were warmed up, refreshed, and ready to go, we had a photo sesh at the bottom on the biggest hill they have which happened to be out the window of our room.

 The view from our window! :)

My snow dance montage!
 Jen and I :)
 Derek and Mike
 The gang...random fact we all went to HS together and graduated the same year.
 Lovebirds...Jen and Mike :)
D and I...

I am glad I waited to have the photo sesh until nighttime because I love that it is snowing and you can see the flakes...and the lights too!  Not to is our favorite time to ski because there are so many LESS people out there! 

So we get to the top of the mountain and we decide we should try a harder hill...bump it up to an easy blue...and I decide that I can do it...

Here on this map I have outlined our plan of can see the "I am here" logo to the right...and the aqua dotted line was the plan.  The "Down Under" is a fun hill after you get passed the steepness because you go through an actual tunnel.  I had done this hill two times in the past three years so I felt like if I went slowly I would be just fine.

When we were getting ready for the descent, Jen and I noticed a really pretty house.  We actually stopped and thought about taking pictures of this house because it was so beautiful.  This is when I noticed way up high...on a telephone pole a lovely graphic of a black diamond.  Those who do not diamond =  big, scary hills.  Those who do not know me well... black diamond does not = Jessi.

At this time, I yell at Derek and Mike and say, "Hey...are we sure we are going the right way?" To which both guys said yes. Never trust a guy on a mountain.

The hill was impossible HARD.  Jen went first and she was doing OK but I could tell she was struggling.  I had already stopped and sat down determined that if I clicked my heals of my skis together I would not be on that scary hill.  But alas I was not in Oz and I had only one way to get out of this situation....go down the hill.  So I stood up and fell right back down.  Even though it was 18 degrees outside, at this point I was sweating.  I pulled my face covering off so I could breathe and I kept telling myself "You have skied for 4 years you can do this...if you have to take it on your butt so be it!"

I would be lying if I didn't say it was the hardest physical activity I have experienced in a long, long time.  It took so much focus.  I literally had to talk to myself out loud on what to do with each swivel of my hips, knees, and legs.  But I finally got down the hill.  Yay, go me!  We all commented on how hard it was. I told Jen my knees couldn't take another hard one for a little bit so we left the guys and went back to the greens that I love so much.

While riding a chair lift back to the top of the mountain...25 minutes after the big, scary hill our conversation went like this:

Jess: Um....hey...we never went through a tunnel?
Jen: Oh, we didn't did we?
Jess: No, we definitely did not.
Jen: Maybe we were supposed to go a different way?
Jess: Did we go through the tunnel last time we were here?
Jen: Yes, we did.
Jess: Hummmmmm weird.

Here is where we began laughing hysterically...and doing a little freak out shuffle on the lift.  I could not believe it. She was right we went down the WRONG hill.

Instead of the aqua dotted line...we went down the purple dotted line!! Even though it was extremely hard and I didn't really enjoy it, I instantly was so proud of myself because I did it.  I really did it and got to the bottom of the hill in one piece. :)

We ended the night on a blue confidence got the best of me. I figured if I had done a black diamond I could do a blue too.

It too was a hill where I had to focus a lot but it was definitely easier than the "Eye Opener".  And trust me...that hill definitely opened my eyes...just maybe 25 minutes later! LOL

We stopped on the blue to take this fun picture.  It had snowed so much that all of the trees were covered and it was just so pretty.  I am glad we took this last picture!  :)

When we got back into our hometown in Ohio...Mike summed up the weekend best, "It was a snowriffic time!"

Hope you all had a great and adventurous weekend like me!

PS- Queen Bey rocked that SuperBowl Halftime Show right? :) Best I have seen in years!  
PSS- What was your favorite commercial? Mine was the Taco Bell one with the wild elderly folks!

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  1. It was a great weekend! I'm so proud of you! Accident or not, it was a black diamond and you get bragging rights for that one! I literally lol at the run through of our conversation. That's funny stuff right there.

  2. Skiing is so much fun! Way to kill it on the mountain! Beyonce was fabulous last night!