Friday, February 22, 2013

TGIF H54F Style!

Another week has come and gone and even though I had Monday off from work, I am exhausted!  I am kinda excited that I blogged M-F this week.  I had been in a slump so I am happy or at least feel productive.

I am linking up today with Lauren, From my Grey Desk, for HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY!  I perused my Instagram feed to see what I could find as my weekly highlights!

Here is what I found for you!

Number 1: my SIGMA BEAUTY brushes arrived....ahhhhhhhhhh here the angels singing? I seriously am in love already and it has been like two days max.  My most recent hobby/obsession is watching YouTube Beauty Gurus and so many ladies rave about these brushes.  I decided to take the plunge last week after countless shopping carts being filled and then ignored.  I was nervous to spend that much money on brushes, but IRL I want to throw out my old brushes because these beauties are glorious.  If you are interested in knowing which brushes I purchased and which I think are must haves...let me know and I can dedicate a post to that next week!

Number 2: At work we have secret pals--what is cool about this is we are secret paling it up all year, not just at Christmas.  So we have been gift giving since August and I still have NO clue who is buying for me.  On Wednesday I came back from the teacher's lounge to find this collection of bangles.  I love them, especially the ones that look braided.  I cannot wait for warm weather and Spring clothes to arrive. :) Thanks secret pal!  Oh, Henry got a secret pal water bottle too...he says thanks!

Number 3: My car, Sophia, is leased through VW and her time with me is ending.  I technically have her until April 16th but the end of lease movement has begun.  She is getting inspected so I had to take her to get a bath and a good cleaning.  She looks just like new!  I am excited to get a new car, but I kind of just want it to be done for me. I hate the buying process.

Number 4: I decided to give myself a mani on Thursday and this was the first time since Christmas that I didn't use a gel polish.  I did some combo action using Wet n Wild's Fuchsia Rama and Sephora by OPI's G-listen to Your Heart. I kind of sandwhiched these together by doing two coats of each alternating colors (so 4 rounds of painting).  It turned out pretty good.  I use Sech Vite as my top coat so hopefully it will last 3-5 days!

Number 5: Seriously if you like Law & Order, CSI, Criminal Minds, any of those kinds of shows you need to add The Following to your line up.  It is Kevin Bacon's new show on Fox (Mondays @9pm).  It is thrilling.  I mean heart racing, scared out of my pants, I have to keep watching thrilling.  It is amazing.  I usually watch it on Hulu+ because I like to pause it every 5 minutes as I need to catch my breath and brace myself for the next scene.  It is my favorite show since Homeland hit Showtime. :) Catch up with it--you will not regret it!
Ok friends, I am out...I hope you have a great weekend! I am getting some work done on my car, visiting MAC Cosmetics, seeing a movie with my cousin, and celebrating a friend's birthday! Whoop Whoop!  Talk to you all on Monday For Weekend Shenanigans!


  1. Yes! Post which brushes you bought!

  2. I have been considering buying nice brushes for ever but have struggled with the price! Would love to hear more about what you bought!

    Just stopping by from High Five for Friday : )

  3. Oh my goodness, you named your car Sophia, I LOVE it!! My car is named Charisma. :)

    I stopped by from the cash giveaway! Great blog, new follower! I'm looking for some new sponsors to come join my side bar, so come over and let me know if you're interested! :)

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  4. I've heard about The Following - iI need to start watching it!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    The Hartungs Blog