Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So I quit Birchbox and hopped on the Ipsy Train!

I know that Birchbox differs depending on the customer.  I know that each box can be interpreted differently.  However, after a year of subscribing to BB, I could not understand why everyone else's boxes seemed amazing and mine did not.  The first two boxes I received were impressive.  I not only liked them, I LOVED them and used all of the products.  That would have been right around now of last year.

Unfortunately, from then on out I felt the wooing had stopped.  I maybe liked a product or two.  But I did not find myself buying anything in full size after April of last year.  I stuck it out, thinking it will get better.  When I started receiving samples that I knew did not fit my "individual quiz" I had taken, I even logged in and retook the quiz to ensure I would receive things that fit me!

But, that did not work.  I started to get repeat samples, a ton of hair product for oily hair (I do not have), red hair (I do not have), etc.  How many oil treatments can one girl need?  In January, I took the plunge and QUIT.  I sort of did not want to because let's be frank...I LOVE GETTING PACKAGES IN THE MAIL.  My cousin and I just talked about this last night. It is so exciting, fun, and just makes you feel...I don't know special and important.
My friend Theresa told me about Ipsy and she told me she thought I should try it out first.  So I got on the site, looked around, read some reviews, saw some awesome past bags, and signed up.  I had to wait until February to get one because I had registered too late in January.  Well the bag came this week...

When I received the shipping notification, I even watched YouTube videos from gurus comparing the two services and raving about Ipsy.  I was pumped.  And quickly was deflated...

The extra incentive with Ipsy is that they send the products in a bag each month, instead of a brown box.  It is functional and not just something you will throw away.  This month it is made to appear like it is black patent leather with a red lining.  Inside the bag you find 5 samples...

-Neutral eye shadow palette sample
-Gel eyeliner
-Lash card
-Primer/Pore eliminator

I have to admit I was beyond disappointed with my first bag.  Let's start with the lash card.  It is supposed to protect your lids while you apply mascara.  I have been putting mascara on my lashes since I was in 7th or 8th grade, almost daily...if I never needed a plastic card (that looks like a hotel room key) to assist in this process before, why would I need it now? Yep, disappointed.  Plus--the tool that you receive was what I was the most pumped about...so epic fail there.  Last month, the bag had a kick up eye shadow blending crease brush...ugh.

The eye shadow palette sample is pretty, but I actually dislike those, because 1-you have enough to try it ONE time...if you are like me, my make up rarely looks the same two days in a row.  I try but eyes are hard to me, trying a shadow one time will not be enough for me to know if I would want full size and 2-there sometimes isn't enough on the piece of paper palette to use for a one time usage anyways.

The gel eyeliner was nice to get, but it was bad timing for me.  I just purchased the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner last weekend at the drug store.  So I am simply not in a need of this sample.  

I feel the same about mascara samples as I do eyeshadow samples.  I just recently started using a new KICK butt mascara--so a new one I do not need. The new one that I love will be posted in my February Finds post coming soon! :)

Lastly is the primer/pore eliminator--I am interested in this as I have been researched Benefit's version of this--I was stuck between whether or not to buy it without a sample first.  So I may try this out and see what I think.  

I hope I do not sound too critical here, I just was very excited about this new subscription and it didn't make me as excited or happy as it did when I received the shipping notice email from them! I even left a comment on the site...oops my negative side definitely was shining through, but most people were just as disappointed as me!

I have decided to give it ONE more month...so I hope they impress me in March.  If not, I will be canceling this service as well.  What monthly subscription services do you use? I know I want to be apart of one, just looking for the perfect match for me! :)


  1. I have birchbox and Ipsy and I was not happy with my Ipsy bag this past month either..so I am not even doing a review on it...womp womp!

  2. Ipsy gets better.. I promise!!!! I still do both only because I paid for a year. Once BB ends I will quit it.

  3. My sister has Glam Bag and she seems to really like it. I just gave BB to my friend as part of her birthday gift. She was really happy with the first box. I hope the next 2 continue to be impressive!

  4. I have both, and one gets the boot in March. I believe Birch Box will get the boot. I've loved ipsy twice in a row. This month, not so much.

  5. I've never tried Birchbox but always thought about it. Thanks for your honest opinion!

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