Thursday, February 21, 2013

Naked Basics by Urban Decay Tutorial...

Last week on Instagram I posted this picture of an easy eye shadow look that I had created on myself.

The picture got some love from friends and a blogger friend said I should make a tutorial. So I did.  Yes, however, I do not have a video camera so I just took a really close still shot to explain exactly how I have gotten this neutral/defined look.

Ok here is the run down...I prime my eyes with a MAC paint pot, in Painterly.  I place this color all over my lid to act as a primer and to obtain an even skin tone to begin with.
mac paint pot in painterly: here
Next I use my elf "C" brush and pack on the color W.O.S. on my lid.  I start in the inner corner and work my way across the lid--however, I stop about 3/4 of the way.  I usually use two coats or layers of W.O.S. during this step.
elf eyeshadow brush: here
Once I am satisfied with my base/light color I move onto the Naked 2.  This will be the lighter of two colors for my crease.  I used an old Mary Kay Signature Collection Eye Crease brush to apply this color.  I start in the outer crease and work my way to the inner eye blending the color up with windshield wiper motions.  I again use two coats of this color.

I have really small eyes in my opinion and I have trouble using darker colors without feeling like I look like a clown.  So I recently purchased the MAC 228 brush which is a teeny little brush.  I use this to put the outer crease color in the triangle shape.  I use the color Faint.  I do not put much product on my eye with this step.  I dab it onto the palette and "draw" a small triangle on the outer most part of my crease.
mac 217: here
Once both triangles are there, I use the MAC 217 (my HOLY GRAIL brush) to blend and shade everything together.
mac 228: here
The last step for the shadows would be my highlight and it is the only color that is not on the UD palette.  I always use MAC Phloof as my highlight--it is just a personal favorite!
mac e/s in phloof: here
The finished product looks like this...
Of course this is after I have applied eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow pencil! :) Oh and my whole "face" if you will! 
jordana eyebrow pencil in medium brown: here
maybelline eye studio eyeliner in blackest black: here
benefit they're real mascara: here
I hope this was understandable!  If you have any questions, let me know! And if you have seen any other looks with the Basics palette, send them my way.  I will work on my fear of the video camera if I ever do this again! :) Thanks!


  1. great post!!! what is W.O.S ? lol you are so pretty!!!!

  2. I have the Naked 2. Do I need this too? I'm thinking I do...ugh!!

  3. Your pretty face does not need make-up, but OMG you do an amazing job! I remember all those nights at OU when you would do my eyes before we would head out... you are so talented!!! Love these products and might have to buy a few for myself. Now will you come do my make up everyday please?!?! XO

  4. YOu are so talented!! Love those colours.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    The Hartungs Blog