Monday, February 11, 2013

He Who Snores...

Picture this...

I am sound asleep on Sunday morning...happily off in dream land when the sunlight from my bedroom window begins to creep into my vision.  With my eyelids still closed, I think to myself Could it possibly be late enough to get out of bed?  I decide it can't be, that yes I can continue to sleep.

When all of a sudden, I hear some incredibly loud and hard snoring. Eyes still closed, I enter panic mode. How could I be able to hear snoring right now? Why is SOMEONE IN MY BED? Ahhhhh!

If I could have had some scary movie music playing at this time you would hear da dum...da dum... da dum..I slowly lower my comforter and let my eyes open for the first time of the morning.  Blinded by the window's light, I look to my left to see what could be causing this awful noise...and what do I see?

Yes, my dog was snoring that loud that he had me believing that an intruder had crawled into my bed with me at some point in the dark, dark night.

I have always known that he was a deep sleeper.  I mean the guy can be running a relay race with himself up and down the hallways at impeccable speeds one minute and the next he is curled up on the couch sound asleep.  But this snore, was seriously like a 250 pound man was in my bed!


Listen to what his iddy biddy snore was like at 6 weeks old when he weighed a whopping 5 pounds and now with your imagination add 2 years and 51 more pounds to his handsome physique....oh yeah I promise it was a great "alarm" for my Sunday morning!

Hope you all had wonderful weekends...I was low key.  Just hung out around the house, caught up on my DVR, fixed my friend's hair and make-up for a fancy party, and cuddled with the snoring monster!


  1. LOL!! Poor Henry Liu!!! My Sophie has started growling and barking in her sleep. Guess she's having some crazy puppy dreams!!!

  2. I've never heard a dog snore like that! He is so cute though.