Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Finds & Favorites

Hi. My name is Jessi and I have a make up problem.

Enter you all: "Hi Jessi."

I think I officially have become an addict.  I have developed an addiction to health and beauty supplies. If you are not new around here, you know that March is "Cosmetic Free March" so it is fitting that I have 12 items that I discovered in February that I think YOU need to have! :) Well some of them I think are must haves but there are a few that I think I could live without, but I am not choosing to, lol! Let's get to it!

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1 :: I have said many times that I am currently involved deeply with MAC Cosmetics and number 1 is one of my absolute favorites.  I am a light lipstick wearer and this nudey pink is awesome.  I love love love it.  It came highly recommended by many YouTube beauty gurus and I have never regretted it at all. It applies perfectly and is so creamy I could seriously sit there all day and rub my lips together, weird I know.  If you like light, nudey pinks pick up a Creme Cup!

2 :: Sometimes when I wear my Creme Cup I am not totally satisfied and want a little shimmer.  On those occasions I learned to apply NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss.  It is a princess pink color but with a sheer coverage.  It applies a little sticky in my opinion but once you rub it in, the stickiness goes away--strange I think but it works.  Turkish delight is a fun, light weight color that goes with most color combos on your face. I think it will be PERfect as my summer go to gloss, I can't wait for it to be warm.

3 :: Another product from NARS that I loving is the Orgasm blush.  Now this is a product that you can live without because you can buy a dupe by Milani (Luminisco) and save money.  I had Orgasm first and then grabbed the baked blush.  They are almost identical.  It is a peachy, shimmery, pink iridescent color that makes your skin/cheeks glow.  Again I am more excited for this product during the sunny, warm months but it is a beauty for sure.
I have both Creme Cup and Turkish Delight on in this picture!
4 :: Do you put on a lip balm before bed? I know I do each and every night.  I find it a must do with my nightly routine.  Nivea's Lip Butter is one of the few products that I have found that actually keep my lips moisturized from night to morning.  I put it on about 10 minutes before bed and literally when I get in the shower in the morning my lips are still soft.  I chose the flavor Vanilla & Macadamia Nut and it is to die for!!

5 :: I mentioned this product briefly in my post here, but I have adopted this spray into my routine daily.  It is a daily make up brush cleaner that serves as an anti-bacterial spray for your brushes. I got mine from Sephora and it was $6.  I just spray it on my brushes after my make up application, rub them on a  paper towel and then...done.  Clean for the time being.  No, it is not a deep clean, but it serves its purpose until it is time for a deep cleaning.

6 :: If you have not tried the Maybelline Whispers...I highly recommend them. I have three of them. I love two and do not really care for one.  I own them in the shades 30 Pin Up Peach, 35 Coral Ambition, and 50 Cherry on Top.  I bought my shades based on reviews that I read or watched.  I love love love 30 and 35, but find myself to not be a "cherry" kinda girl.  I like the color but when it is on my lips I feel like that is all the people are looking at--which I do not find necessary! LOL.  But they are smooth and they last a long time.  I watched my ads on Sunday and found them Buy 2 and get 1 free, so watch those coupons. 

7 :: If you are a lady who was blessed with long, full, perfectly curled eyelashes I envy you.  Mine are short, thin, and just blah.  I have never really cared much for mascara because many that I had used did not do what they said they would do!  Enter Benefit's They're Real--it is so good.  Now it does not make my eyelashes look false by any means, but they actually show up and I do not have to use three different kinds and put on multiple layers.  So if you are in the same boat as me in eyelash world, then try They're Real!

8 :: Loreal True Match Lumi foundation--after hearing so much about this little bottle of goodness, I decided to give it a try and I must admit for once, I completed my own color match that is DIVINE! I love this stuff.  It is more liquid-y than my tarte foundation so I have been putting a drop or two into the mix. It covers nicely and I would say a medium sheer finish, which works out perfectly for me since I do not like to have a "full" face when I go to work! :)

9 :: I tried out another tarte amazonian clay blushes this moth and this time I went with the color buff.  Here is what I like about it--a) it does last all day long b) it blends easily and perfectly and c) it looks great alone and combined with other pinky tones! :) This will probably be one of my summer go to colors for sure!

10 :: Of course, I had to include the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette in this list.  I told you here how to do a simple eye look. I have already raved and raved about this palette as I like it better than Naked 2 so check it out if you have not!

11 :: MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Naturals: I am in shade Medium Deep.  I love love love this powder.  Seriously I think it helps my complexion so much.  I use it to set my foundation and it just brightens my face and brings the look completely together.  It is lightweight and lasts for a long time, I would say 9-10 hours.  And if you need to "freshen" your look throughout the day you just need to swipe another light layer around your face.  I think I will be getting another one to carry in my purse for emergencies!

12 :: Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black.  I have using this product for about 3 weeks now and I wouldn't say that I am 100% talented in the field of gel eyeliners.  I am working on it, but I hate when I mess up because then it is either start completely over on the eye or go around all day with strange liner looks.  So it is taking practice for sure.  But it is the deepest black I have worked with and it does stay in place.  Sometimes with black liners I have a "melting" problem where the under eye area then looks like I was punched in the face.  So that is good that it has staying power, I just have to work on my application skills. :)

So there you have 12 favorites and finds of February.  I will not be able to "find" things in March since I am beginning a freeze TOMORROW...but maybe I will be able to rediscover some products I already have in my collection!  LOL

If you missed it on social media...I said goodbye to Sophia (my car) last night and upgraded to more space! I bought a 2013 VW Tiguan in Metallic White Gold--her name is Stella! :)


  1. I think I am going to print off this post to take with me the next time I go makeup shopping. I want that Nivia lip stuff! The pics of you are gorgeous!! great post!!

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  3. Just noticed your OU pullover- I'm a student here now! What a small world! I'm a Zanesville, Ohio girl born and raised! Love finding an awesome blog with an OU alumni! Go Bobcats!

  4. Your new ride is so cute! Enjoy!!

  5. Awesome make-up! I love the pics:)