Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Add a Little Sigma Beauty to Your Collection

I have a confession.  It is kind of a gross confession.  Yet, I feel like I must put it in writing.  Until a week ago, I had owned a Mary Kay Signature Make Up Brush set since 2004.  It is the only set I had used and I had never and I repeat never did a thorough cleaning of them. I know it is gross.
Which is why I can present to you Sigma Beauty.  Sigma had been on my radar for little over a year now but I just recently made the decision to pitch my old brushes and get new.  But not only was I going to get new, I was actually going to spend time to understand the function of each brush and start using them correctly.  So I bring to you my new Sigma Beauty Make Up Brush collection :)

The F80 is hands down my favorite of the brushes I chose.  I lost count of how many beauty bloggers and gurus talked about this brush.  And they were right, the brush does not disappoint.  I have been using this flat top Kabuki for my foundation/BB Cream application.  It makes the foundation process SO easy. It is painless as the brush blends everything out perfectly.  This brush has cut the amount of time foundation used to take me in half.  If you only buy one, buy this lil lady!

Coming in a close second is the F80's cousin the F84.  This is an angled Kabuki brush.  I didn't mention before how incredibly soft this brushes are--but they are the softest I have ever touched.  I have been using this brush for two different purposes to contour my bronzing powder and to apply powder and cream blush.  The synthetic tip of the brush allows for a lot of pigmentation to be left on your face and then as you are blending the real hair buffs everything out.

I ordered the F30 to do exactly what its name says...Large Powder!  This brush is soft and big, so big that it takes up the majority of the palm of my hand and that is what I love about it.  After putting on my foundation, I use this brush with my MAC MSF Natural to set the liquid color. It works wonderfully as I gently swipe it all over my face.

Believe it or not, I have been using the F05 Small Contour brush to blend my concealer.  I find that it is soft enough to use under my eyes.  My skin is super sensitive and when a brush is stiff it hurts my under eye area.  This brush does not and it blends the concealer without effort.  I used to use my fingers, then I used a concealer brush. After not being happy with that brush, I went back to my fingers but this brush definitely is #1 for this step in my daily routine.

The last brush I am sharing with you all today is the F35 Tapered Highlighter.  This one is my 3rd favorite of the brushes I bought.  I use this to set my concealer.  I use  highlighting powder on top of my concealer and cover the area from the inner corner of my eye up to my temple on each side.  This brush does a great job as it has a slight point for me to get into the corners but also is fluffy which allows me to blend the powder throughout the area I want lightened.  Another great addition if you use a highlighting powder.

With new brushes, comes new routines.  I bought a daily anti-bacteria spray cleaner to use after each use and I set a monthly reminder on my phone to thoroughly clean my set.  It is a must--which I learned a little later than I should have!  What do you think of these brushes?  Have you tried Sigma? It was definitely worth the money for me.

If you decide to try out some Sigma brushes, use this coupon code BASE2013 for 10% off until February 28th.  I will post a new code when the March one comes out.  I was not paid for this review, just my honest opinion!


  1. Don't feel bad....I have the Bare Minerals brushes and have washes them ONCE since their purchase. It's amazing how soft they feel after being washed. LOL!!

  2. Where did you find the spray cleaner? I need some of that in the worst way!

  3. I definitely need to clean my brushes more often than I do!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
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