Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Finds & Favorites

Hi. My name is Jessi and I have a make up problem.

Enter you all: "Hi Jessi."

I think I officially have become an addict.  I have developed an addiction to health and beauty supplies. If you are not new around here, you know that March is "Cosmetic Free March" so it is fitting that I have 12 items that I discovered in February that I think YOU need to have! :) Well some of them I think are must haves but there are a few that I think I could live without, but I am not choosing to, lol! Let's get to it!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

1 :: I have said many times that I am currently involved deeply with MAC Cosmetics and number 1 is one of my absolute favorites.  I am a light lipstick wearer and this nudey pink is awesome.  I love love love it.  It came highly recommended by many YouTube beauty gurus and I have never regretted it at all. It applies perfectly and is so creamy I could seriously sit there all day and rub my lips together, weird I know.  If you like light, nudey pinks pick up a Creme Cup!

2 :: Sometimes when I wear my Creme Cup I am not totally satisfied and want a little shimmer.  On those occasions I learned to apply NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss.  It is a princess pink color but with a sheer coverage.  It applies a little sticky in my opinion but once you rub it in, the stickiness goes away--strange I think but it works.  Turkish delight is a fun, light weight color that goes with most color combos on your face. I think it will be PERfect as my summer go to gloss, I can't wait for it to be warm.

3 :: Another product from NARS that I loving is the Orgasm blush.  Now this is a product that you can live without because you can buy a dupe by Milani (Luminisco) and save money.  I had Orgasm first and then grabbed the baked blush.  They are almost identical.  It is a peachy, shimmery, pink iridescent color that makes your skin/cheeks glow.  Again I am more excited for this product during the sunny, warm months but it is a beauty for sure.
I have both Creme Cup and Turkish Delight on in this picture!
4 :: Do you put on a lip balm before bed? I know I do each and every night.  I find it a must do with my nightly routine.  Nivea's Lip Butter is one of the few products that I have found that actually keep my lips moisturized from night to morning.  I put it on about 10 minutes before bed and literally when I get in the shower in the morning my lips are still soft.  I chose the flavor Vanilla & Macadamia Nut and it is to die for!!

5 :: I mentioned this product briefly in my post here, but I have adopted this spray into my routine daily.  It is a daily make up brush cleaner that serves as an anti-bacterial spray for your brushes. I got mine from Sephora and it was $6.  I just spray it on my brushes after my make up application, rub them on a  paper towel and then...done.  Clean for the time being.  No, it is not a deep clean, but it serves its purpose until it is time for a deep cleaning.

6 :: If you have not tried the Maybelline Whispers...I highly recommend them. I have three of them. I love two and do not really care for one.  I own them in the shades 30 Pin Up Peach, 35 Coral Ambition, and 50 Cherry on Top.  I bought my shades based on reviews that I read or watched.  I love love love 30 and 35, but find myself to not be a "cherry" kinda girl.  I like the color but when it is on my lips I feel like that is all the people are looking at--which I do not find necessary! LOL.  But they are smooth and they last a long time.  I watched my ads on Sunday and found them Buy 2 and get 1 free, so watch those coupons. 

7 :: If you are a lady who was blessed with long, full, perfectly curled eyelashes I envy you.  Mine are short, thin, and just blah.  I have never really cared much for mascara because many that I had used did not do what they said they would do!  Enter Benefit's They're Real--it is so good.  Now it does not make my eyelashes look false by any means, but they actually show up and I do not have to use three different kinds and put on multiple layers.  So if you are in the same boat as me in eyelash world, then try They're Real!

8 :: Loreal True Match Lumi foundation--after hearing so much about this little bottle of goodness, I decided to give it a try and I must admit for once, I completed my own color match that is DIVINE! I love this stuff.  It is more liquid-y than my tarte foundation so I have been putting a drop or two into the mix. It covers nicely and I would say a medium sheer finish, which works out perfectly for me since I do not like to have a "full" face when I go to work! :)

9 :: I tried out another tarte amazonian clay blushes this moth and this time I went with the color buff.  Here is what I like about it--a) it does last all day long b) it blends easily and perfectly and c) it looks great alone and combined with other pinky tones! :) This will probably be one of my summer go to colors for sure!

10 :: Of course, I had to include the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette in this list.  I told you here how to do a simple eye look. I have already raved and raved about this palette as I like it better than Naked 2 so check it out if you have not!

11 :: MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Naturals: I am in shade Medium Deep.  I love love love this powder.  Seriously I think it helps my complexion so much.  I use it to set my foundation and it just brightens my face and brings the look completely together.  It is lightweight and lasts for a long time, I would say 9-10 hours.  And if you need to "freshen" your look throughout the day you just need to swipe another light layer around your face.  I think I will be getting another one to carry in my purse for emergencies!

12 :: Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black.  I have using this product for about 3 weeks now and I wouldn't say that I am 100% talented in the field of gel eyeliners.  I am working on it, but I hate when I mess up because then it is either start completely over on the eye or go around all day with strange liner looks.  So it is taking practice for sure.  But it is the deepest black I have worked with and it does stay in place.  Sometimes with black liners I have a "melting" problem where the under eye area then looks like I was punched in the face.  So that is good that it has staying power, I just have to work on my application skills. :)

So there you have 12 favorites and finds of February.  I will not be able to "find" things in March since I am beginning a freeze TOMORROW...but maybe I will be able to rediscover some products I already have in my collection!  LOL

If you missed it on social media...I said goodbye to Sophia (my car) last night and upgraded to more space! I bought a 2013 VW Tiguan in Metallic White Gold--her name is Stella! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Add a Little Sigma Beauty to Your Collection

I have a confession.  It is kind of a gross confession.  Yet, I feel like I must put it in writing.  Until a week ago, I had owned a Mary Kay Signature Make Up Brush set since 2004.  It is the only set I had used and I had never and I repeat never did a thorough cleaning of them. I know it is gross.
Which is why I can present to you Sigma Beauty.  Sigma had been on my radar for little over a year now but I just recently made the decision to pitch my old brushes and get new.  But not only was I going to get new, I was actually going to spend time to understand the function of each brush and start using them correctly.  So I bring to you my new Sigma Beauty Make Up Brush collection :)

The F80 is hands down my favorite of the brushes I chose.  I lost count of how many beauty bloggers and gurus talked about this brush.  And they were right, the brush does not disappoint.  I have been using this flat top Kabuki for my foundation/BB Cream application.  It makes the foundation process SO easy. It is painless as the brush blends everything out perfectly.  This brush has cut the amount of time foundation used to take me in half.  If you only buy one, buy this lil lady!

Coming in a close second is the F80's cousin the F84.  This is an angled Kabuki brush.  I didn't mention before how incredibly soft this brushes are--but they are the softest I have ever touched.  I have been using this brush for two different purposes to contour my bronzing powder and to apply powder and cream blush.  The synthetic tip of the brush allows for a lot of pigmentation to be left on your face and then as you are blending the real hair buffs everything out.

I ordered the F30 to do exactly what its name says...Large Powder!  This brush is soft and big, so big that it takes up the majority of the palm of my hand and that is what I love about it.  After putting on my foundation, I use this brush with my MAC MSF Natural to set the liquid color. It works wonderfully as I gently swipe it all over my face.

Believe it or not, I have been using the F05 Small Contour brush to blend my concealer.  I find that it is soft enough to use under my eyes.  My skin is super sensitive and when a brush is stiff it hurts my under eye area.  This brush does not and it blends the concealer without effort.  I used to use my fingers, then I used a concealer brush. After not being happy with that brush, I went back to my fingers but this brush definitely is #1 for this step in my daily routine.

The last brush I am sharing with you all today is the F35 Tapered Highlighter.  This one is my 3rd favorite of the brushes I bought.  I use this to set my concealer.  I use  highlighting powder on top of my concealer and cover the area from the inner corner of my eye up to my temple on each side.  This brush does a great job as it has a slight point for me to get into the corners but also is fluffy which allows me to blend the powder throughout the area I want lightened.  Another great addition if you use a highlighting powder.

With new brushes, comes new routines.  I bought a daily anti-bacteria spray cleaner to use after each use and I set a monthly reminder on my phone to thoroughly clean my set.  It is a must--which I learned a little later than I should have!  What do you think of these brushes?  Have you tried Sigma? It was definitely worth the money for me.

If you decide to try out some Sigma brushes, use this coupon code BASE2013 for 10% off until February 28th.  I will post a new code when the March one comes out.  I was not paid for this review, just my honest opinion!

Monday, February 25, 2013

My Kind of Weekend Shenanigans

I cannot believe it is Monday already.  I had another three day weekend due to an ice storm on Friday and I seriously could get used to only having 4 day work weeks! :)  I had a great weekend-here is what it looked like!

1 :: my Friday morning talk with Mr. Henry Liu.  Yes all 56 pounds on my lap while I read blog posts. We had to have a little time out because he was barking (extremely loud) at a dog who was running loose in the neighborhood.

2 :: SAFE HAVEN...have you read it? I started it on Friday and finished Sunday morning.  The pages just FLEW by me.  I was enthralled to say the least.  I just had to finish it and I did.  I went to see the movie Sunday afternoon too.  Of course, they changed so so much.  I am glad I read it first.  Every 10 minutes I whispered to my cousin that they had changed this or that.  I hope I didn't ruin it for her, lol. Josh Duhamel is SO dreamy.  I mean seriously Fergie is one lucky chick.

3 :: Friday I went to a MAC Pro store and ventured into the purple eye shadow land.  I am so happy with them.  I saw a tutorial on YouTube and tried it out on Sunday. I am in love.  I just may be sporting color just as often as my neutrals too! I got Satellite Dreams, Stars and Rockets, and Nocturnelle.  I had fun with the MAC girl as she showed me some new stuff and taught me some tricks too.  I picked up a few other things too which I am sure I will be sharing!  I am loving my love affair with MAC but it is a tad expensive which is why I have declared March---Cosmetic Free March.  I am not ALLOWED/PERMITTED to buy any and I mean ANY makeup products.  No lip gloss, lipstick, blush, foundation, concealer, etc.  All month long.  :)

4 :: New arm candy!!! While I was out shopping on Friday, I stopped in Nordstrom and picked up a few of the Alex and Ani bangles!  I had so much fun playing with them trying to decide on the right combo for my arm party! :) I decided to get my J initial in gold, a pretty crystal droplet in gold, and then the Path of Life in silver.  I am already in love.

5 :: A selfie in the car on Sunday featuring my purple eyeshadows--again love!

6 :: My Marley Lilly monogrammed half zip sweatshirt arrived.  I am so happy with how this comfy shirt turned on.  Pink Lou Lou had raved about how in the winter she lives in her's so I had to get one.  I must say I think I ordered it too big as it is not fitted like it could be, but I still am happy.  I went with grey material and white thread!  It was a hard decision and I think I would be down to get another sometime!

7 :: Revlon Lipgloss in Bellini! I have heard YouTube gurus rave about this lipgloss and I must say they were right.  It is perfect, seriously.  It has a nude tint but it has a pink/shimmer tint too.  It just mades the face look come together and on a cozy day I felt that it was exactly what I needed.  Good thing I bought it now because March is right around the corner.

8 :: I posted a sparkly pink mani on Friday which didn't even make it to Sunday. Blah!! So I went back to my Gelshine kit!  This color is called "It's All About Me" and it is the perfect girly strawberry pink.  I feel better knowing that it will last for two weeks too, not just two days!

9 :: I have not posted a WW post in a bit but I do have to report that I am down 11 pounds now.  I am finally seeing a difference.  I am losing most of the weight in my bottom I feel and I went down a size in jeans.  I hesitated with putting this picture up but I absolutely loved the bling on the pockets so the new jeans I bought.  Don't you!? So go me--I have my eye on the prize and I am ready to lose, lose, lose!

That is my weekend in 9 little square photos! How was your weekend? Link your's up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans! Here's to a fast week!

Before I forget you can also find me over on Ricci's blog today--I did a little Q&A with her so here's your chance to learn more fun facts about moi!  Check it out!

Friday, February 22, 2013

TGIF H54F Style!

Another week has come and gone and even though I had Monday off from work, I am exhausted!  I am kinda excited that I blogged M-F this week.  I had been in a slump so I am happy or at least feel productive.

I am linking up today with Lauren, From my Grey Desk, for HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY!  I perused my Instagram feed to see what I could find as my weekly highlights!

Here is what I found for you!

Number 1: my SIGMA BEAUTY brushes arrived....ahhhhhhhhhh here the angels singing? I seriously am in love already and it has been like two days max.  My most recent hobby/obsession is watching YouTube Beauty Gurus and so many ladies rave about these brushes.  I decided to take the plunge last week after countless shopping carts being filled and then ignored.  I was nervous to spend that much money on brushes, but IRL I want to throw out my old brushes because these beauties are glorious.  If you are interested in knowing which brushes I purchased and which I think are must haves...let me know and I can dedicate a post to that next week!

Number 2: At work we have secret pals--what is cool about this is we are secret paling it up all year, not just at Christmas.  So we have been gift giving since August and I still have NO clue who is buying for me.  On Wednesday I came back from the teacher's lounge to find this collection of bangles.  I love them, especially the ones that look braided.  I cannot wait for warm weather and Spring clothes to arrive. :) Thanks secret pal!  Oh, Henry got a secret pal water bottle too...he says thanks!

Number 3: My car, Sophia, is leased through VW and her time with me is ending.  I technically have her until April 16th but the end of lease movement has begun.  She is getting inspected so I had to take her to get a bath and a good cleaning.  She looks just like new!  I am excited to get a new car, but I kind of just want it to be done for me. I hate the buying process.

Number 4: I decided to give myself a mani on Thursday and this was the first time since Christmas that I didn't use a gel polish.  I did some combo action using Wet n Wild's Fuchsia Rama and Sephora by OPI's G-listen to Your Heart. I kind of sandwhiched these together by doing two coats of each alternating colors (so 4 rounds of painting).  It turned out pretty good.  I use Sech Vite as my top coat so hopefully it will last 3-5 days!

Number 5: Seriously if you like Law & Order, CSI, Criminal Minds, any of those kinds of shows you need to add The Following to your line up.  It is Kevin Bacon's new show on Fox (Mondays @9pm).  It is thrilling.  I mean heart racing, scared out of my pants, I have to keep watching thrilling.  It is amazing.  I usually watch it on Hulu+ because I like to pause it every 5 minutes as I need to catch my breath and brace myself for the next scene.  It is my favorite show since Homeland hit Showtime. :) Catch up with it--you will not regret it!
Ok friends, I am out...I hope you have a great weekend! I am getting some work done on my car, visiting MAC Cosmetics, seeing a movie with my cousin, and celebrating a friend's birthday! Whoop Whoop!  Talk to you all on Monday For Weekend Shenanigans!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Naked Basics by Urban Decay Tutorial...

Last week on Instagram I posted this picture of an easy eye shadow look that I had created on myself.

The picture got some love from friends and a blogger friend said I should make a tutorial. So I did.  Yes, however, I do not have a video camera so I just took a really close still shot to explain exactly how I have gotten this neutral/defined look.

Ok here is the run down...I prime my eyes with a MAC paint pot, in Painterly.  I place this color all over my lid to act as a primer and to obtain an even skin tone to begin with.
mac paint pot in painterly: here
Next I use my elf "C" brush and pack on the color W.O.S. on my lid.  I start in the inner corner and work my way across the lid--however, I stop about 3/4 of the way.  I usually use two coats or layers of W.O.S. during this step.
elf eyeshadow brush: here
Once I am satisfied with my base/light color I move onto the Naked 2.  This will be the lighter of two colors for my crease.  I used an old Mary Kay Signature Collection Eye Crease brush to apply this color.  I start in the outer crease and work my way to the inner eye blending the color up with windshield wiper motions.  I again use two coats of this color.

I have really small eyes in my opinion and I have trouble using darker colors without feeling like I look like a clown.  So I recently purchased the MAC 228 brush which is a teeny little brush.  I use this to put the outer crease color in the triangle shape.  I use the color Faint.  I do not put much product on my eye with this step.  I dab it onto the palette and "draw" a small triangle on the outer most part of my crease.
mac 217: here
Once both triangles are there, I use the MAC 217 (my HOLY GRAIL brush) to blend and shade everything together.
mac 228: here
The last step for the shadows would be my highlight and it is the only color that is not on the UD palette.  I always use MAC Phloof as my highlight--it is just a personal favorite!
mac e/s in phloof: here
The finished product looks like this...
Of course this is after I have applied eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow pencil! :) Oh and my whole "face" if you will! 
jordana eyebrow pencil in medium brown: here
maybelline eye studio eyeliner in blackest black: here
benefit they're real mascara: here
I hope this was understandable!  If you have any questions, let me know! And if you have seen any other looks with the Basics palette, send them my way.  I will work on my fear of the video camera if I ever do this again! :) Thanks!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wanna WIN $175 Buckeroos???

This month you can find me hanging out on Allie's side bar over in TOATS land!  Allie is a super fun blogger that everyone should be following!  She is from the South and loves a good monogram--you should be sold already! :) Any hoo...this month she and her 20 sponsors (that's me too!) are hosting a giveaway for some major cash money! Be sure to follow the rules and play along!

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Ricci Explains It All Giveaway--and I am there!

This month I can be found over on Ricci's sidebar sponsoring her awesomeness and monogrammed style!  Ricci is a super cool chickadee that I am so happy I met in this little bloggy land.  She has helped me tremendously with understanding some ins and outs of the blogging world. I am thrilled that we, her sponsors, got together to give away some cash money...and you could also win a May Book!

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You can also choose what you want on the inside. Most people choose calendars but I chose a notepad. I love to right down my blogging ideas, lists (ya'll know I'm OCD right?), and just anything else! You can also choose a blank inside or even graphing paper.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So I quit Birchbox and hopped on the Ipsy Train!

I know that Birchbox differs depending on the customer.  I know that each box can be interpreted differently.  However, after a year of subscribing to BB, I could not understand why everyone else's boxes seemed amazing and mine did not.  The first two boxes I received were impressive.  I not only liked them, I LOVED them and used all of the products.  That would have been right around now of last year.

Unfortunately, from then on out I felt the wooing had stopped.  I maybe liked a product or two.  But I did not find myself buying anything in full size after April of last year.  I stuck it out, thinking it will get better.  When I started receiving samples that I knew did not fit my "individual quiz" I had taken, I even logged in and retook the quiz to ensure I would receive things that fit me!

But, that did not work.  I started to get repeat samples, a ton of hair product for oily hair (I do not have), red hair (I do not have), etc.  How many oil treatments can one girl need?  In January, I took the plunge and QUIT.  I sort of did not want to because let's be frank...I LOVE GETTING PACKAGES IN THE MAIL.  My cousin and I just talked about this last night. It is so exciting, fun, and just makes you feel...I don't know special and important.
My friend Theresa told me about Ipsy and she told me she thought I should try it out first.  So I got on the site, looked around, read some reviews, saw some awesome past bags, and signed up.  I had to wait until February to get one because I had registered too late in January.  Well the bag came this week...

When I received the shipping notification, I even watched YouTube videos from gurus comparing the two services and raving about Ipsy.  I was pumped.  And quickly was deflated...

The extra incentive with Ipsy is that they send the products in a bag each month, instead of a brown box.  It is functional and not just something you will throw away.  This month it is made to appear like it is black patent leather with a red lining.  Inside the bag you find 5 samples...

-Neutral eye shadow palette sample
-Gel eyeliner
-Lash card
-Primer/Pore eliminator

I have to admit I was beyond disappointed with my first bag.  Let's start with the lash card.  It is supposed to protect your lids while you apply mascara.  I have been putting mascara on my lashes since I was in 7th or 8th grade, almost daily...if I never needed a plastic card (that looks like a hotel room key) to assist in this process before, why would I need it now? Yep, disappointed.  Plus--the tool that you receive was what I was the most pumped epic fail there.  Last month, the bag had a kick up eye shadow blending crease brush...ugh.

The eye shadow palette sample is pretty, but I actually dislike those, because 1-you have enough to try it ONE time...if you are like me, my make up rarely looks the same two days in a row.  I try but eyes are hard to me, trying a shadow one time will not be enough for me to know if I would want full size and 2-there sometimes isn't enough on the piece of paper palette to use for a one time usage anyways.

The gel eyeliner was nice to get, but it was bad timing for me.  I just purchased the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner last weekend at the drug store.  So I am simply not in a need of this sample.  

I feel the same about mascara samples as I do eyeshadow samples.  I just recently started using a new KICK butt mascara--so a new one I do not need. The new one that I love will be posted in my February Finds post coming soon! :)

Lastly is the primer/pore eliminator--I am interested in this as I have been researched Benefit's version of this--I was stuck between whether or not to buy it without a sample first.  So I may try this out and see what I think.  

I hope I do not sound too critical here, I just was very excited about this new subscription and it didn't make me as excited or happy as it did when I received the shipping notice email from them! I even left a comment on the site...oops my negative side definitely was shining through, but most people were just as disappointed as me!

I have decided to give it ONE more I hope they impress me in March.  If not, I will be canceling this service as well.  What monthly subscription services do you use? I know I want to be apart of one, just looking for the perfect match for me! :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Identity Thief

I really had a low key weekend, but I did want to stop in to say...GO SEE IDENTITY THIEF! :)

It is OK if you stop reading right now because you are on the way to the theater--go ahead, I understand.

The movie was released nationwide a week ago.  My mom and I went to go see it the day after it opened--on a Saturday afternoon, matinee style, and when we arrived BOOM it was sold out.  This weekend we used our smarts. I ordered my tickets on Fandango so we were guaranteed to get in.  We arrived just in time to get our popcorn and drinks, and then again BOOM we walked into a sold out theater at 2:20 in the afternoon!  The movie theater worker man found us two seats smack in the middle and the previews began.

This movie is HILARIOUS.  And what's better? There is actually a story line.  My mom cried, but that isn't saying much she cries at everything.  Melissa McCarthy is so funny. One of the funniest women in the entertainment business hands down in my opinion.  To see her play this crazy character was so fun. Not only she is "colorful" (said many times in the movie), but she is spunky, obsessive, mean, rude, a criminal, etc.  Jason Bateman is great too.  I really have loved him lately.  He was the perfect fit for this role.

One of my favorite sections of the movie is summed up here in these pictures...
Yes, that is Cam from Modern Family...and it was FUN-NY to see hime play the role of a larger, widowed cowboy!  I was dying laughing the whole time!

I also ordered some fun things online this weekend--I will show them off after they arrive--I am pretty excited though, I must say!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I am enjoying President's Day with another day off from work--yay!

I am linking up with Weekend Shenanigans---you should too!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mustache Diaries Giveaway--my 1st!

Hey hey everyone...Happy Valentine's Day!  I am actually a hater on this day, but because I can see past my loneliness, I am participating in a giveaway hosted on Miss Marcy's blog: Mustache Diaries!  Be sure to check it out and enter to win a VS gift card for over $100! Yay!

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First off let me start this off by saying that I have some AMAZING Sponsors.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIWW Lately

Hey hey ladies :) How are you all doing on this wonderful Wednesday?  No matter your answer, at least it is half way through the week..and for most of us two days closer to a long weekend...yay for Monday holidays! I wanted to stop in and share some of my #ootd snapshots lately! Enjoy!

Look #1: a classy, elegant outfit

 Black Skinnies//Seven: TJ Maxx
Chiffon Top/ Apt 9: Kohl's 
Earrings/Crave Jewels: Etsy
Arm Candy: Very Jane, Fossil, Madewell

Look #2: cozy warm comfort clothes

 Pants: Mossimo: Target
Sweater/Eddie Bauer: Sam's Club
Scarf/Kiki La'Rue: here
Earrings and Bangle/Kate Spade: Outlet

Look #3: studs and crystal 

Jeans/Silver: Maurices
Sweater/Rock & Republic: Kohl's
Shoes/Rock & Republic: Kohl's
Necklace/Old Navy: not online
Earrings/Crave Jewels: Etsy
Arm Candy: Very Jane, BCBG, Madewell

Look #4: running errands on a snow day!

Boots/Hunter: color Violet
Compression Leggings/Old Navy: here
T-shirt/Old Navy: here
Hoodie/Old Navy: here

Which look is your favorite? I won't lie...I wish I could wear Look #4 daily...but of the other three...I LOVED Look #1 and 3! :) I just have a love affair with fashion! 

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