Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIWW with a tripod!

It is official. I own a tripod, so now I won't just share from top down pictures cutting off my face.  I however need some pointers how how to focus and plan my independent photo shoots.  I tried my best this time around. I do think I need a whole lotta modeling 101. But you will get the drift.  Enjoy!

I swear my head does not look this big when I look in the mirror. And for that matter my eyes are open, but no matter how big I smile, they disappear and these lovely slants appear. Go figures.

The cardigan is one of the favorites.  It is from Kohl's and is by Lauren Conrad.  My favorite part is the rhinestone buttons that adorn the front! Underneath, I decided on an all lace tanktop that I bought at TJ Maxx over the summer.  I thought it complimented the cream color nicely. :)

My necklace was a stocking stuffer with rhinestones from American Eagle and my skinnies are the Rock Star fit from Old Navy.

My earrings are NEW! They are from Crave Jewels on Etsy.  You SHOULD go there and check out the selection.  I am dying for more things and you never know when I just may buy something else.  They sparkle and shine just like the best of them. I love them!

Of course my arm always has a party! I sported two silver bracelets and one gold and rhinestone braided number.  I labeled the picture for you to see.  My favorite? The Stella & Dot inspired spike bracelet.  I grabbed this deal through Very Jane, but check out the shop here!

Well how did I do? Hopefully not too too shabby.  You should have seen me walking around the neigborhood with my tripod, setting it up once I found a "spot", and then cheesing for all to see.  Funniest part was I ended up in front of a barn on our property.

I hope to find some time before next week to research some camera techniques (and modeling skills too)!

What are you wearing today?

pleated poppy


  1. I think you did great! I was snapping iPhone photos this morning because I haven't done a proper WIWW in weeks and really liked my outfit today! LC by Lauren Conrad is one of my faves!

  2. LOVE the Arm Party and great job with the tripod photo shoot!