Friday, January 25, 2013

Weight Watchers Chronicles...#3 & #4

I am doing a combo chronicle today. I didn't celebrate my week #3 achievement with you all last week as I took my hiatus.  So today you get weigh in #3 and #4 of my Weight Watchers journey.
Coming off of the ski trip weekend, I was not feeling positive about this lifestyle change and my lack of will power when I am off with friends.  You can read about that here.

I made an executive decision to change my weigh in day.  Some of you even commented about how crazy it was to weigh in on a Monday morning at 5:45am!  I knew it was. It was just the day that WW picked for me.  But I figured if this program is supposed to work for me in the real world, then I should be able to change my day!  And I did.  I now weigh in on Friday mornings, still at 5:45am before my shower.

Last Friday, I felt nervous, what if I still had that extra weight I brought home with me from the mountains? I would just be crushed.  BUT I didn't! I had lost the added weight plus two more! Whoop!  So since the beginning of this journey, I have lost a total of SIX pounds.  Not bad in my opinoin.  Now I am not feeling different and clothes still fit the exact same way. But it is six pounds.

Today, I find myself feeling a little nervous again.  My week has been chaotic.  I went to Cincinnati for the weekend and didn't exactly stay on track.  I had Monday off for MLK and used some bonus points. I had two hour delays for school on Tuesday and Wednesday and then no school Thursday.  That equaled a lot of down time for me to sit and eat.  I did pretty good, but I wouldn't say I was perfect at all.  When I got on the scale I discovered...I lost another pound!  That brings my total weight loss to 7 pounds since January 1st!

I will say I am proud of myself that for a second week in a row I earned activity points.  I earned points by going on a hike, walking, and Zumba class. Go me.  I am going to stick to earning those bonus points as it made me feel better about myself and of course I know it is the right thing to do.  I will be Zumba-ing on most Tuesday and Thursday evenings and possibly Pilates on Monday evenings. I will be happy with myself if I keep to that schedule.  I am guilty of getting into my sweats as soon as I get home from work--bad habit.

Well that is the update for now.  I am off to Columbus to stay in a hotel with my bff Jamie and act fancy.  I really do not think we will act fancy, but I bet we take pictures pretending that we are! :)

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