Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Facts of Life!

Remember me? I hope some of you are still stopping by...maybe every few days to see if I have typed my way back into the bloggy world!  I cannot promise that I am back, per se, but I am dropping in to write a little diddy about me so I could link up with my gal pal Whitney from I Wore Yoga Pants.

Whit is the shiz. I mean that with all of my heart.  She is responsible for my cutie patootie design here. Which months later I still love.  She also recently became a personal shopper for me.  She fed my addiction today by sending a Groop Dealz my way for a monogrammed necklace I have been pining for! Thanks Whit! You are awesome.

So enough about Whitney, let's learn about me... shall we!

Fact- I whole heartedly believe that an Oreo blizzard from the Dairy Queen can fix any problem you face.  PMS? Get a blizzard. A boy make you mad? Get a blizzard. Work stinks. Get a blizzard.  You feel fat? Get a blizzard. :)

Fact- My parents divorced when I was 21 years old, fresh out of college, and just had accepted my first teaching job.  It crushed my world and took me years to accept. But I am glad I accepted it and know that I grew from the experience as a child, adult, and woman looking for love.

Fact- My Grandma June died seven years ago.  I watched her slowly die with a hard battle of lung cancer.  She sure gave those tumors a hell of a fight though I will tell you that.  My sassy, raspy voiced, spit fire of a grandma was famous around my friends for constantly shoving food and drinks in their faces.  She drove a car until she was too sick to drive.  She wore matching and un-matching sweatsuits every day.  She gave this world hell and my middle initial "J" stands for her name.

Fact- My dad died five years ago this coming February.  It still hurts every day that I lost a parent so young.  So many things make me think of him each day and I smile.  Whether it is a TLC show (we watched TLC all the time), hearing En Vogue on the radio (We loved to sing Freeeee your mind....the rest will follow), or seeing pictures of people who fish (it was his passion).  I hope my dad looks down on me often.

Fact- I was born on my Aunt Kathy's birthday (July 23).  The Happy Birthday song always included both of our names and it always will.  She was my second mom.  I loved her and looked up to her just as much as my own mother.  We all feel lost without her here with us today.  I miss her every single day.  I even hold on to a sweatshirt that she bought me (in my skinny days) that does not fit one of my arms, but I cannot let go of it for the world.

I like to envision them all in heaven...sitting on cloud...watching down on us...drinking a Coca Cola, smoking a cigarette, and fishing for a big bass! :)

Fact- Me, my mom, and my cousin Steph each have one tattoo.  It is of my aunt's name.  Their tattoos says "Kathy" while mine says "Kacky."  Mine is a tad different because I never called her my Aunt Kathy...she was Aunt Kacky to me.  We also have a smiley next to her name because smilies were my aunt's thing. It will be my only tattoo.

Fact- I love spontaneity.  I just have such a fun time being silly.  Like going to a wax museum and playing with the figures and coming up with fun ways to take pictures. I love taking pictures while being spontaneous.

Fact- I was a cheerleader in my younger days.  I believed then it was life or death.  While I had a blast cheering, tumbling, and traveling, I realized quickly in college that it wasn't all that cool that I was a cheerleader.

Fact- I am STUBBORN. I mean way STUBBORN.  If we argue, it is best to leave me alone.  And if it really hurts my feelings, I will hold a grudge like no one's business.  It sucks because I have lost touch with friends for years over petty things.  In high school, I didn't talk to a guy friend for almost 3 years over a stupid, stupid statement.  Silly me, did I learn from that? Nope! I am still just as stubborn.

Fact- I teach 7th grade Language Arts and when we go on field trips or other teachers walk in my classroom looking for me, most times I am told, "Oh I didn't see you there, you blend in with the kids." On a field trip once, I had a park ranger chastise me in front of the kids...yelling at me like I was a teenager. I was so shocked, I didn't correct her! I guess that is why I teach middle school. People still think I am 14.
My teacher badge picture...hello short, blonde hair!
Fact- I pick at acne like I am being paid by the hour.  I cannot let it go.  And mind you, I get like one zit a month.  And my stubborn fingers turn it into a mountain of a zit. It is ridiculous.  But like other things in my life, I cannot learn from my mistakes.

Fact- I crack my knuckles. A lot. Often. Too much.

Fact- My heart belongs to my college, Ohio University.  I would give anything to relive those years. Anything. That city. Those streets. My friends.  It changed my life for the better, forever.

Fact- I would do anything for a friend. Anything.  I hold my friendships very close to my heart.  I had a few years in my 20s where I had to learn the definition of a true friend. And yes, I admit some went to the curb of my life.  However, I will always respect our time during the good times of our friendship.  You go through a break up? I am there. You lost your job? I am there. You just need a night out? I am there. Friends will get you through the ups and downs of life. And I am glad I have the ones I do!

(Sorry if a picture of you isn't here friends...I just picked a random bunch :) )

Fact- Traveling is my favorite thing.  I love Vegas, NYC, Florida, Cali, DC, Mexico, the Bahamas, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Vegas, any beach town, Nashville, NYC, etc. Love it. Anytime to go somewhere, I am in. Wanna go somewhere with me?

Fact- I love me a themed party, event, or outing.  I find it important and a necessity to go ALL OUT.  My cousins renewed their vows in Vegas with Elvis for their 20 year anniversary.  We went out all with the 80s. So fun.  We had 80s day at school, all out again (same outfit too) Halloween party? Yes, I will go to the town on my gear, accessories too. I love it.

Fact- I have a donor's gums alive in my mouth. Creepy huh? When I was 27 I was told that my gums were receding and they were afraid my teeth would rot. How gross? Are you kidding me?  So I had two options cut my own roof of my mouth to get extra gums or accept some from a donor. I went the donor route.  Why? They said it would feel like a really bad pizza burn for 3 months on the roof of your mouth.  Have you ever done that? It is painful!!

Fact- After the donor gums, I then had to get braces.  I really didn't want braces as an adult so I opted for a 10 month treatment of Invsialign.  And I have regretted that decision ever since.  10 months turned into 14, which turned into 24, which turned into 2.5 years. Ugh. I mean I am happy with the final product for the most part but it took tooooooo long.

Ok...that's all I have for tonight. I just looked at the clock. Wowsers, I had too much fun looking back finding pictures for this here post.  Thanks Whit for the link up!  Sorry I am late to the party, but at least I showed up!


  1. I have been daydreaming about a Blizzard for weeks now! I keep trying to tell my fiance about one, but he says he has never had one! Can you believe that! Crazy!!!

    =) Brooke

  2. I loved this post! Anytime I see a picture of Athens, I instantly smile. Just hearing someone mention the bricks makes me happy. Best college experience...EVER.

  3. I learned so much about you!! great post girl!! I love how close you were/are with family and I think your tattoo is so awesome and perfect :)

    I love theme parties- why doesn't the 'adult' world throw them as much as the college world did?! LOL. I was also a cheerleader and miss it terribly. I would love to coach it one day.... and while we're at it, I think I want to just go back to school and teach L.A.... hehe!