Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow Bunny Weekend @ Wisp

Welcome to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland!

A beautiful house? Check. Hot tub? Check. Enough beds for 12? Check. Skis and boots? Check. Slopes? Check. Snow? Check. 60 degree weather? Check. Say what?

Those were the ingredients of my wonderful weekend out of town with 10 friends (old and new) to kick back, relax, and have fun! Many hours of laughing (at and with me of course) accompanied us around a beautiful home on the mountain.  Let's tour the house shall we?

We stayed in a neighborhood called Kendall Kamp and our home was titled "All Seasons Pass." Colorful adirondeck chairs and a black bear welcomed us at the front door. We arrived Friday afternoon during a rainy, dreary day.  But we didn't let go of our hopes to ski on Saturday.
The living room, dining room, and kitchen were very open and beautiful.  We were surrounded by bears, outdoors, and rustic decor.  This was the main hang out for our skiing crew.
A lot of time was spent on the deck too--putting on skis, taking off boots, relaxing in the hot tub, having a night fire. Behind the hot tub was the chair lift #4 which took us straight to the slopes!
A lot of ski decor was all around our home.  The foyer even had a ski lift chair which I found my boots to look super cute in front of!  Little knick nacks were all over and of course my favorite--stuffed bears (there were three total).  Handsy and Walter (affectionately named) are pictured above.
The fire place had constant attention as the living room is where we watched football and talked all night.  The couch was comfy and more decor lead you upstairs.
There were four bedrooms total with 8 beds.  We had 11 people and two beds went unslept in! :) It was a large and comfy home for sure.  I am jealous of the Harris family who own the home and can come and go all of the time.

We woke up Saturday to most of the snow to be gone in the back of the house. This worried us but surely the slopes were still covered.  We all got ready and headed to rent our gear.
Then it was time to get our ski on! I love to ski--a lot. I am still learning and gaining confidence.  My friend Theresa said that she felt like I am getting better--so just have to work on the courage!

We stayed together for most of the day, but when you were with 11 people it can get hard.  Thank goodness for cell phones.  I couldn't make calls but I could text--which is weird.  I lost the group once when they were full of courage and I was not, but for the most part the group frolicked together.

My night ended when the group start to go down black diamond hills.  I stick to the greens (easy) because I like trails and still am learning to control my speed.  I did tackle one blue this year which is an improvement for me.  I did fall, several times, but I made it. I do have a giant black and blue bruise to serve witness to my battling that blue too.  Above you can see the gang waiting for Jen--she is the one on the ground.  Her husband Mike called her descend a "Pete Rose slide!" She was brave for sure!

All in the all, the weekend was great. I will miss Walter. I had a bond with him :) We may or may not have slow danced, lol.  I am looking forward to the next trip! Hopefully it will be a tad colder and with more snow, but with the exact same amount of fun! :)

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  1. wow, how fun is this?! looks like a blast of a time!

    1. thanks! it really was even though my body is very mad at me right now!!

  2. How fun! Makes me want to do a weekend getaway with friends. So many adorable pics!!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

    1. thanks for stopping in :) it was def a great time. i love getaways with friends. i wish i did it more often!

  3. How fun and cold! Thank for sharing :)

  4. Great post, Jess! It really was a great weekend! Pete Rose, Ha!

  5. Hi Jess,
    My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Deep Creek Lake to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!