Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday My Henry Liu!

Happy 2nd birthday to my dear, sweet, chubby, hyper baby! :) I cannot believe he turned two today. I remember when I received my first photo of him and thought he was the cutest, wrinkly pup I have ever seen.  And now 56 pounds later, he is my entire world.  

I never was a dog person before.  I liked dogs and even thought they were cute.  But never did I think that I would be a doggy mom who posts a picture of him every day on to social media.  But hey, that is what has happened and I am happy to have one boy I can count on in my life!

Despite his constant fur shedding and slobber covered beard...I am so happy to have him around.  Happy birthday Henry Liu! :)


  1. Happy Birthday Henry Liu!! I'm sure your mama spoiled you with some fabulous gifts!