Thursday, January 24, 2013

Exploring Cincinnati with Chris!

It is like totally normal to update my bloggy friends about my previous weekend the day before the next one begins right? Oh totes? Great. Here I go!

Last weekend, I had 3 days off due to MLK Day so I took the opportunity to go to Cincinnati to visit my bff Chris.  It was such a great weekend :) I had a blast and took so many pictures for this here Internet space I have been neglecting.  You know you are a blogger when you take 138 pictures of a 3 day span just to have choices for the blog!

I drove down immediately after work on Friday. Traffic was great until I hit King's Island, which is where I typically get caught.  Once the car world decided to move, I met Chris at the hospital to drop off his car (he is a doctor) and we went to his place.  We weren't sure what we were going to get into when his friend texted him to go out to dinner.  We walked to Nicholson's (the restaurant) and enjoyed a smooth bottle of wine and a delicious meal.
After dinner we headed to a restaurant (Metropole at 21C Museum Hotel) where you could take your drink and go visit a three-story art gallery.  It was fun to meander around and check out some more than interesting art pieces.  Some were interactive and one even had us lay down on these GIANT bean bags! Fun!

Afterwards we walked home and went to one last stop that just opened in Over the Rhine (OTR) where Chris lives.  After sleeping in and catching up on Big Bang and Grey's Anatomy, we decided it was a perfect day for a hike! It was 50 degrees in the middle of January so we knew we needed to be outside. However, we had to eat first and I requested a hot dog lunch.  In October when I went to visit, we had eaten dinner at Senate where they have the most FABU hot dog selections.  We had truffle fries and I once again went with the Lindsey Lohan dog.  So delish.
Next, we drove to Ault Park, where they posted signs about deer hunting and the park being closed.  In fear of our safety we left.  We are smart peeps here. We then went to French Park and embarked on a little less than 2 mile hike in the mud covered woods.  We had a blast.  We both adopted walking sticks to help with the mud hills and of course I named mine Theodore.  We played on bridges, hills, trees, and even a creek.  We spent a lot of time using this new app that I will post in a little bit.  We had way too much fun with the app and you will too so be sure to check back in!

Eventually after following 3 different trails, we came out of the woods and realized it was not where we had parked.  Worried that we were lost, I had to pull out my GPS on my phone to try to find our way back.  That little blue dot down there shows us where we were...but what we didn't know was where we entered the woods.  Haha, dorks.  We found a elderly couple who helped us locate the parking lot that we indeed did park in. :)
What do you deserve after a long, nice hike? Shopping of course.  We headed to Ulta.  Well I headed to Ulta, Chris went to the book store.  I met a man named Jacque (pronounced Jack Kay) and he was iron clad in blue and green glitter eye liner.  It was love at first sparkle.  He did my make up and convinced me to spend way too much money.  I wish I could have bought him as my personal makeup artist. I believe he could live in my pocket.

Dinner on Saturday night was at a restaurant called Keystone where mac n cheese is their specialty.  I ordered the Fleetwood Mac and it was a pasta with fresh mozzarella, tomato, and pesto. Yum Yum!  You probably can see WW went out the window for this weekend visit. Ooops.

Sunday was much colder than the 50 degrees we experienced hiking.  But we still wanted to get out and do something.  After a lot of debating between the aquarium and the zoo, we went to the zoo! It was 30 degrees and it was freezing, but we saw so many animals. It rocked! I actually saw more animals in 30 degree weather than I did over the summer. The only down side was...we donated to the save the gorilla fund and didn't get to see a single gorilla, boo!
This tiger was my favorite.  They are so pretty.  I see those eyes and just...well...swoon!
 The manatee's name was Betty and she weighed over 2,000 pounds!
 I found a gorilla to pose with since I was giving my effort to save them, lol.

Lastly we headed into an Urban Outfitters to look around while we waited for the restaurant to open.  It was Dewey's Pizza, and it was DELISH.  The food for the weekend was beyond great. And if it made me gain some weight back, then so be it. Lol.
 This is the Greek Salad with a Roasted Red Pepper Vinaigrette.  I seriously could have eaten three of these salads, it was that good.
Until this pizza came out...the seasonal special meatball pizza. I wish I could put into words how good this pizza was. You will have to trust me or drive to Cincy to get it yourself!

I leave you with my new purse.  I am in love.  It is a soft grey leather with mustard yellow accents.  My favorite part? The whole cross body strap zips! :) Whoop.

So there you have weekend!  This weekend (tomorrow) I am heading to Columbus for a Girls Night with my bff Jamie! I will try to post that recap on time so I can link up with Sami's Shenanigans and Join the Gossip! I was late to a few too many parties this week.  Blog funks are hard to get out of.  Luckily I had a snow day today to get my groove back.

Don't forget, I have an awesome app for you to get...Look for the post with the title Triple Threat a little  later to learn more!


  1. Love all the pictures miss thang!!! You MUST tell me the next time you come down so we can hook up!

  2. I LOVE Dewey's. There is one in Dayton...conveniently just a few blocks from my office. Socrates Revenge is my absolute fav! (Olive Oil, Minced Garlic, Mozzarella-Fontina Blend, Spinach, Black Olives, Green Olives, Feta Cheese, Red Onions, Tomatoes)