Thursday, December 20, 2012

Santa Paws with Henry and George!

Early this Christmas season I signed up for the second annual Santa Paws exchange for our furry little friends.  I was a new reader to Sarah over at Scissors and a Whisk and was very excited to meet a new group of bloggers.  That is the best part of blogging...getting to know so many ladies from all over the country that without bloggy land, I would never come in contact with.

So when Sarah posted that she would host again this year, I immediately jumped on the chance for Henry to get involved with the blogging land. :)
2nd Annual Santa Paws

In early December we were paired up and words cannot describe how fun it was to learn about Ashley from Wannabe Green and her furry guy George Edward!  We swapped several e-mails, pictures, tweets, and Instagram posts!  Henry and George were sure to be fast friends--despite their 47 pound weight difference. 

They both are definitely loved by their mommies, siblings, and family altogether--wear clothes because why shouldn't you dress your dog--and are the same age!  Their differences besides the weight? Henry loves treats and George is more of a bone guy! Henry loves dog toys and George loves his sisters stuffed animals!

Henry and I had a lot of fun putting together a package for George Edward! It was fun to shop for a different dog! And let me tell you finding things in a SMALL size was so much easier than Henry's XL! :) We did experience a lot some whimpering and crying while we wrapped George's mail. I think he could smell the bone! This week Henry's package arrived from George Edward and we were very anxious and excited to open it up!

He has a sixth sense when something is meant for dogs and not humans.  Who am I kidding? He loves all mail, because paper is his favorite thing to munch on. Silly dog! 

 George sent Henry with the help from Ashley the cutest Lamb Chop (Christmas edition) which could barely sit on the table long enough for me to take a picture without his head in the way.  He also received a cute Santa bandana which he will wear on Christmas day! Santa Claus is bringing him a fancy sweater to wear it will be perfect!

As you can see below, Santa Lamb and Henry are now inseparable. :) Thank you Ashley and George...we are happy campers here in Ohio!

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