Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa Made of Tulle

If you hang around these parts know I cannot resist a craft!  Especially a holiday themed one!  I think that the happiness the decor brings me just flips my "I need to create" switch on high gear.  

I came across this pin two weeks ago and knew that I had to make it.  Even though I had already made a Christmas wreath two weeks ago! So hop into your crafting supplies or your local Hobby Lobby to grab these basic items!

First you want to cut the tulle into strips of 15 inches in length.  I read online somewhere that wrapping tulle around something makes it easier to make the cuts.  So I wrapped the tulle around a piece of cardboard that was 16 inches in length.  I wrapped it several times and then cut both ends. This made it easier as you did not have to make 50 different cuts.

Next I wrapped my wreath in the white tulle.  I chose to do this because I didn't want any of the green styrofoam peeping out.  If you buy a white wreath you will nor have this worry.  My Hobby Lobby only had green ones in stock so wrapping the tulle was an easy way to color coat it.

You can make your Santa have a mustache if you would like.  I chose YES with this option.  For the mustache you just take a piece of tulle and loop it across the center of the wreath--and tie it in a knot.

Now comes the tedious part! You have to tie each individual strip around the wreath.  You want to align all of the knots on the side of your wreath.  This will create the area where you will spread out your Santa's beard.

This after about 30 minutes of tying knots.  The time it takes is the tedious part.

Once you get into your groove, the Santa's beard and mustache will come together very nicely.  You can see the tulle spreads out and becomes very "full."  There was a time where I asked myself if he looked too much like the abdominal snowman!  So I did some trimming to make sure he looked more like good ole Saint Nick.

You now are ready for his cap.  I stuffed it with extra tulle to make sure it would stand up and then used my hot glue gun to secure his hat in place.  Once I did that I did not like how much of the green was still coming through the tulle.  So I then wrapped more tulle from the bottom of his hat to the top of his beard.

The last and final touch is to attach a piece of ribbon to the back to hang "Nicky" up.  I used red ribbon so it would blend with his hat.  I made a ribbon loop and secured it with both hot glue and straight pins.

 Tell me he isn't the cutest thing you have ever seen hanging from a door in December?
If he isn't, please share what I only have a few pre-Christmas crafting days left!

If you are lucky, you also have a furry friend that will continue to look up at you while you craft as he doesn't understand your obsession with Christmas decor and making a mess!

Today I am linking up with Shanna from Because Shanna Said So for Random Wednesday! This is the last Wednesday before the big go on and get your tulle on! :)


  1. Say it ain't so.....freaking adorable and so clever!!! Love, love, love it!!! Thanks for linking up!!!!

  2. Im going to try to make this for next Christmas! its so cute!!!

  3. Saw this pin and loved it! Yours looks so sweet!!

  4. This is so incredibly cute! Thanks for the instructions!