Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pick Up Lines 101

**Disclaimer...I am about to get on my soapbox here! :) Just be warned!

Confession--yes, I am still single. Yes, I would like to fall in love the right time.  Not in a bar.  Not with someone who spits out the lamest of lame lines.  I mean seriously where do some guys shop for the words that come out of their mouths?

So there I was on Friday night, out and about with my friends minding our own business having a decent time.  We are listening to a band, playing shuffleboard, and just catching up since we have been off of work for a week.

Enter male specimen exhibit A (MSEA).

He comes up to me, asks my name, shakes my hand...normal exchange.  I didn't know why he approached me but I was polite.  Now remember, I cannot hide my true feelings.  You can see on my face how I feel about something.  Then the conversation continues...

MSEA: Did you go to high school around here, I do not recognize you?
J: Yes, I went to ____ high school. (while thinking, I graduated from HS over 10 years ago...why would you recognize me?)
MSEA: Oh.  I went to _____ high school.
J: Ok, cool.
MSEA: What is your last name? Maybe I know your family.
J: No that is ok. You probably don't.
MSEA: Oh, well how old are you?
J: Excuse me?
MSEA: I mean, I graduated in 1994. You look older than me. So when did you graduate?
J: I look old? What? Excuse me? (This is where the annoyance enters my attitude.)
MSEA: Oh, it is not polite to ask a lady her age. I am sorry. I just meant I graduated in 94 and you must be older than me which is why I do not know you.
J: You know, it is impolite to ask. Especially the way you just did.  However, I am NOT older than you. I graduated FIVE years AFTER you. I actually wasn't in HS when you were. I was in middle school. (Now I am just offended.)
MSEA: Oh, ok sorry.... (awkward silence...and walks away).

I mean really? It is almost 2013 and this guy thought that that was the way into my heart. PUHLEASE! Is there hope out there? I sincerely hope so. Because I tell ya...I was definitely thinking the opposite after that encounter.  But I digress...


  1. That is lunacy. Anyone who isn't a total troll fool knows that you don't ask someone's age, and you especially don't ask it like that!