Saturday, December 29, 2012

Money Christmas Tree: DIY

I could not ring in the new year without sharing one last crafty craft.  My cousin only wanted to money for Christmas and I originally thought...HOW BORING!  And I just would not settle with writing a check and placing it in a card. Oh no, I would not.  So I turned to the bible, I mean Pinterest and found some amusing ways to give cash money!


I first found the idea of placing the cash inside the little wrappers of a chocolate tray like this:
And I I would have to eat all of that chocolate.  You may want to sit down for this....did you find a seat? Ok.  I do not like to just sit and eat chocolate.  I am a salt girl for sure.  I do not crave sweets at all, like evah! I know I am weird. SO I crossed that idea off my book and continued to look on.

I found ways to fold it, hide it, create clothing with it, and even attach dollar bills together to make garland.  I was starting to give up hope.  Ready to go to Walmart and buy the card. When the Pinterest angels above felt my frustration and they sent me this wonderful Money Christmas Tree from Then She Made.
The best part of the this craft is that the supplies are most likely already sitting in different areas of your house. Bonus! Although you know I love a good Hobby Lobby run!

You of course need the cash.  You want five (or more) layers for your tree's "branches." I was giving $40 dollars couldn't come up with five I gave $41 dollars, lol.  You need wire.  I originally was going to use the gold wire pictured, it was for jewelry making.  However, it turned out to be a pain in the rear, so I turned to some left over photo frame hanging wire (I do not know the technical word for that).  You need a stick like a kabob stick and something to be the base of your tree.  I went to the dollar store and bought a horrendous looking decoration that had a small styrofoam base and tore everything that was on top of it out. also need a tree topper.  I did not picture it here, but I used a 1.75 inch circle cut out on red glitter paper instead of a star. I will not lie, it was easier.
 Next you need to fold your money.  Each bill needs to be folded like an accordion.  Once they are all folded you should see a W somewhere in the middle of the bill.  This is the point where you want to avoid the temptation of grabbing the bills and running.  I never carry cash so seeing it out there like this was very tough, lol.
This is the point where I became a bag DIY blogger.  I forgot to take pictures of my assembly. Ooops. But it was really easy, truthfully. You take one bill and place it near the base of the tree.  Take the wire and form an X around both sides securing it in place.  Once the bill is in place, then twist the wires above it like you are tying the twisty tie on a loaf of bread.  Repeat with each layer.  The only new step is to fold the bill with each layer so it will be shorter.  I made my folds in the middle where the X would wrap it and keep it in place too.  If you look closely you can see the X wraps and the fold marks.  I then taped my red sparkly circle to the top of the tree and added a little red and green ribbon to the top and bottom.  I really liked the finished product and only took 10 minutes from start to finish.  I wrapped it so nicely in a shirt box from American Eagle to make him think I did not listen to his cash only request ;-) and wrapped it up with some pretty pretty paper.  He was surprised and seemed to like the creativity in my gift! SO happy spending Ethan...if you can figure out how to remove the bills!


  1. So cute! A few years ago my grandma made me a "money necklace." It wasn't the most fashionable thing but it made it's point. lol I actually really like the box of chocolates idea...especially since chocolate is frequent craving of mine.

  2. That is such a cute idea. More fun than just putting it in a card. I don't crave sweets much either.