Friday, December 21, 2012

High Five for the Friday before Christmas!

Twas the last Friday before Christmas and all through the house...the lights were twinkling and...oh who am I kidding? I am not a poet.

Hands up for Friday, whoop whoop! It is my first day of Christmas vacation and I am enjoying a wonderful Lifetime movie on the couch! So let's celebrate some of this week's favorites!


This week was finale week for the XFactor and you may remember when I told you here about Mr. Tate Stevens and how he had a voice that just captured my country music lovin' heart.  Well He gave it his all on Wednesday while performing and I decided then and there not only would I go to his concerts but I would become a member of his VIP fan club. It is a stalker true kind of love right there.

Then on Thursday night it was announced to all that he is in fact the WINNER of it all.  5 MILLION dollars worth in a contract and album deal.  Go country music and go Tate Stevens.


Today is one of bests' birthdays so I took her out to a dinner date last night to give her a little present.  We had so much fun just chatting it up and enjoying some delish adult beverages! :) Nothing a little soup, salad, and breadsticks can't fix! Happy birthday Jennifer! I hope you have a great day!


We had our first snow over night! :) Yay! I love snow!  And it is still coming down. I would be so happy if it covered the ground completely.  Henry loves playing out there, he has been in and out all morning! Keep it coming!

Sephora by O.P.I. has a jewelry top coat called Be-Claus I Said So, and it will be sparkling in my nails this afternoon. I cannot wait for a Christmas mani especially when it is as cute as this one!

It is Christmas Time! I just have been in a such a great mood lately because of all the spirit and cheer. Have a great Holiday and have fun! Do a little dance and enjoy your loved ones!


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