Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Friday Friday! TGIF!

Yay for Friday, right?

Today I am linking up with Friday Letters and High Hive for Friday! I am happy that the weekend is upon us, this week just seemed to drag on and on.  I have fun plans to go see the cutest little tyke for his 3rd b-day party on Saturday and I am meeting my friend Chris for Xmas shopping and our gift exchange. Should be a good weekend! I decided to sneak in some more gift ideas for her. I share my Madewell picks earlier this week and now it is time for Stella & Dot.  My BFF Kristen is an independent stylist and I just want to give some shout out time to her company!! I made this collage! :) Ah, I love Photoshop Elements!!!
1. Camilla Ring: retail price $49
2. Serenity Small Stone Drops: retail price $34
3. Renegade Cluster Bracelets: retail price $59
4. Stackable Gem Ring: retail price $54
5. Bardot Hoop Earrings: retail price $34
6. Moondance Stretch Bracelet: retail price $39
7. Soiree Trio Ring: retail price $49 (Kristen got me this ring for my lasy bday--it is love!)
8. Secret Garden Charm Necklace: retail price $49

On my Santa List? I want #2, 3, and 8! I mean if I had to narrow it down to just 3! :) Haha!

Friday Letters!

Dear Kristen and Stella & Dot, I am hooked. I love the items I already own and hope Santa brings me a couple more.

Dear Bloggers, Thank you so much for taking the time to read my words. I know I ramble a lot but nothing means more to me than to know that other people are reading what I write and relating to me. :) Especially the link-ups...without them, I would not have met so many cool bloggers!

Dear Photoshop Elements, I basically have been playing with you for a week and for a trial time period I am already hooked.  I already love making up my own glitter colors, creating collages for ideas that I need to express in my blog, and quite frankly knowing that I can learn to to do SO much more!

Dear Chris, I cannot wait until Sunday Funday. Whoop Whoop.

Dear Carson, Happy 3rd Birthday party time. I know your real day isn't until Chrismtas, but you are going to have fun on Saturday and I am going to play with you until one of us gets tired!

Dear Ashley, I am so excited that Henry and George are partnered for the PAWS swap! It will be so fun shopping for George.  I really do not think that Sarah could have matched two more perfect people.

Dear Erin Condren, I got my shipping notice today. I cannot wait for my new planner to arrive. I am stalking it like I don't know what will come.  This may be my second planner, but I am excited for the new items that I also ordered!

Dear December, I like you.

High Five for Friday!

1. Mac & Cheese with I need to say more? #yum
2. I love wininng giveaways, but this lovely jewelry maker went out of her way to make sure I was pleased.  She sent me brand new bracelets when my last one had an issue. Whoop!
3.  Photoshop Elements and learning to make glitter! #sparkles
4. I just love Glee. And the grads sang Home last week and it was phenom!
5. Arm candy. My new obsession!




  1. I love your arm candy!

  2. LOVE Glee! And that mac and cheese looks delish!! Stopping by from H54F...Happy Friday! =)

  3. Stopping by from Fridays Letters. I am OBSESSED with my Erin Condren planner. It's a pretty steep price tag for a planner, but it is SO worth it! xo!