Monday, December 10, 2012

December Whirlwind Weekender

Whooooohooooo what a weekend. Whirlwind is the best one word description I could come up with!


Early Saturday morning, I hit the road.  My cousins live about 2.5 hours from us and we had a Transformers Birthday party to "roll out" to! :) On the drive, or actually at the gas station waiting for my tank to fill, I took my new favorite picture of myself.  I decided to wear my hair straight for the first time in months and it really shows how much my hair is growing! At least I think so, and I AM HAPPY ABOUT IT. :)

My #ootd was posted to Instagram in true bloggy style. I thought I would wait to share it until WWIW, but I have decided to show it now!  Most of the pieces are old but I will give a run down!

Shirt: Old Navy (early fall), Jeans: Silver (early fall), Boots: Franco Sarto (1 year ago from Macy's), Watch: Fossil (several years old), Necklace: JCrew Factory (sold out), Arm Candy (Baublebar, Tiffany's, Fanciful Wish, Jewel Mint, JCrew, Francesa's)

Carson is my 2nd cousin and he has made blog appearances before.  His official birthday is Christmas Day so we always celebrate a few weeks early.  He will turn 3 in two short weeks!  He is OBSESSED with Transformers so his party was appropriately themed.  His name title banner was my favorite decoration! Anne (his mom) did a great job!

When I got there, he immediately began singing "Happy Birthday to Carson" to himself to get everyone's attention. I am pretty sure he was the loudest singer at the party.

Cupcakes galore. He only likes the icing! :) We played with "bot shots" which are smaller Transformers for the entire 4 hours I was there! I have a really cool Transformer Autobot (which I was told is the good guy team) ring!

I also bought myself some new pjs. I have a really strong loving relationship with pajamas. I feel like I should be able to wear them more than I do currently.  These ones are from aTarget and are currently my favorite.

Sunday was back on the road to Columbus to see my bff Chris and complete our Christmas shopping and exchange presents too! I will share my gift tomorrow as it deserves its own post! :) BTW I <3 it="it" p="p">

We shopped until they closed the doors. And for the most part got everything off our lists.  I am done. Santa Jessi has retired until 2013! Chris on the other hand has four people left. I guess I was more successful, lol!

Now I ready for next weekend...Why? So I can RELAX!

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  1. I love that pic of you with the straight hair too! You're so pretty :) My hair is finally growing again too and I love it!

    Can you do some of my shopping for me?! I have totally slacked this year and REALLY need to finish soon!!

    1. Thank you so much girl :) I would love to do some shopping for you! Will you wrap my gifts for me?? That's the part I hate!

  2. Fabulous arm candy!

    LMAO love the Cam gif :)

  3. Looks like such a fun weekend! I love that J. Crew necklace!

    1. Thanks me too. It is ON SALE now :) You should pick it up!

  4. Your outfit does look very bloggy style, I love it! I found you on the Weekend update link up and I'm now following :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

    1. Thanks for the follow. :) I am headed to your blog right now!